Sunday, 30 April 2017

Me Made May 17

Hey guys! Its the end of April so here comes the inevitable Me Made May pledge for 2017!
I have participated in around half of the MMM challenges since my lovely friend Zoe started them off 8(!) years ago. I tend to get half through and lose the will to live. I'm going to try my best to stay in for the long haul this year and will be documenting on Instagram, with a roundup on here at the end.

What is my pledge going to be?

For the one part of the challenge, I'm setting myself a mini challenge of doing a 10X10. This is a new style challenge where you pick 10 items from your wardrobe and wear those items for 10 days, learning how to mix and match them in a minimalist capsule wardrobe. I've seen some fab examples of these challenges rippling into the sewing world and i'd love to see how far I can stretch my me made garments. This may be towards the end of May, but i'll keep you posted on my choices before I start.
I'm going to work on making the most of what I have. I'm pleased to have a wider variety of garment types in my wardrobe than I ever have before, but some are from before my weight loss. I'd like to wear items and decide the fate of some that have been languishing too long, either because of fit, or the style is not quite me anymore.

Here are my main aims within May:

  • Wear all the 33+ items of clothing I have in one way or another
  • Work out what needs replacing/ refashioning/chucking - Why? style change? Fit? Fabric? Construction?
  • Pick out and analyse some of my favourite RTW items - Why do I like them? Fit? Design? Fabric?
  • Colour analysis: What are the main colours in my me made wardrobe? Am I happy about this? What else would I add.

My suspicions are that at the end I will feel I need: More Tee's! More Jeans! More Cardigans, replace some of my me made leggings. I will need more fun garments and use some more prints!

Off to get some sleep now. At dawn we dress handmade!

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