Thursday, 15 July 2010

Restart, Rewind...

Morning all, Hope it's sunny where you are!

I have not attempted to blog for what seems like eons, but this week I have decided that I need to bring it back to being part of my life. This is a slightly weird choice at a time where due to my new house I have no internet connection at home, but still!
I am constantly inspired by blogs, I spend most of my life (not joking!) flicking through blogs at work lusting over mainly vintage inspired lives, clothes and interiors. So I think a fresh introduction and a fresh start are in order. So here goes.

I'm Stevie. i'm 20, I live in Brighton in East Sussex UK, I am obsessed with Vintage clothing .
I am doing a degree in Fashion and Dress History as well as working in a fab little Vintage shop called Kate and Aud, (Trafalgar Street if any one wants to pop in and say hi!) I live with 3 awesome housemates, and have a soul sister Rosie. A real Brother, Ash, and two very caring parents.
I am not the tiniest matchstick in the box, I am a uk 16 and so I am a big fan of the fashion blogs from fellow curvy girlies!
Hope that I will blog a bit more often now! I am just going to wack up some eye candy of where I work to entice you to come again for some elegant ramblings and pretty pictures!