Monday, 28 February 2011

This is better... Progress!

My Barcelona Jacket is a little further on! I finished uni stuff a bit early so I thought I'd put in a little bit of sewing time. The first bits went together pretty easily. But I'm finding as usual I am going dime to the dozen and not reading the instructions. I started putting sleeves together without even starting on the lining Doh!
The sleeves are pretty but the super strong interfacing I had is not really such a good idea. If I make this again i'll remember to buy thinner weight. Still at least I'm sewing again for a bit!
I'm also stuck on what would be the best lining for this. I have 3 contenders.
I have the original plan a flimsy poly in a kind of minty green,
Pale pink slightly stretchy cream poly
Or this cute striped Grey and pink? What do you think?

Post 100!

I wish I had an exiting garment to show you all for my 100th post. But Alas due to uni I do not.
I hope to get some sewing done when I finish this presentation. Hopefully by this afternoon.
But my procrastinating skills have been at work yet again and I am blogging not working!

I decided on a look but not touch policy on patterns until after I have been to Barcelona. So I thought I would give you a few pics of what I have been looking at
Today they are relating to New Look Patterns.
I've never been that much of a New Look fan. My first pattern was New Look and although it turned out ok. It wasn't the most stylish thing I have ever made. They seemed to have turned a corner since then and I love looking at their grouped seperates patterns.

As we all know I have a problem in that I love dresses and pattern and what my wardrobe needs is separates and plain ones! Their little tops are lovely for spring and summer.
And look! Cardigans! I think this could help me hone in my non existent skills with jersey knits... What do you think?

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Burda March Issue

I have to say I wasn't very impressed this month Burda!
It was focused on Weddings, Which is fine as Spring is a nice time to think about that kind of thing.
Normally I would be flicking through going "Oh I love that, and that and that and that." This month I was a bit like "was that it?" There was some nice basics like a long sleeved top a jacket and a pair of trousers. But I felt all the statement dresses left something to be desired.
Looks ok so far... Nice colour palette but obviously being a wedding issue lots of white.
Caftan. Thats quite useful and nice in a basic cotton colourway, pretty sleeves and nice for spring.
I'm not sure why but I loved this little jacket the detailing on the bottom made me all warm and fuzzy inside. But double breasted things tend to make me look strange...
This short Jacket reminded me of last years Jersey Blazer which I didn't like at the time but I actually quite like now. That could be useful for chucking in your bag when spring evenings get chilly.
Plus size I hated this time around! It was so frumpy, not like Burda at all. The only thing I could find was this twisted neck top which would be a useful basic.
Now for the Best and Worst.
There was a lot in this issue that made me go Wtf?!
Lets start with the worst.
I do not understand this bodice at all. It has a random appendage that looks like its started to grow by itself. Why?!
The second is one of the statement pieces. Pretty Colour, Pretty fabric but Just not flattering. There is way too much going on here for me. For a start The neck is miles too high and too loose fitting. You have a lot of drama in the sleeves which takes away from the yummy detailing on the bottom.
This is only going to flatter 0.2% of the population. Super Tall Super thin, Super Straight. I'm not even saying that people who are "Thin" will look good in it. You have to have very little figure about you which of course most people large and small all have. If I was intending to make this i would change the bodice completely prehaps consider keeping the sleeve but cut a very swooping open neckline and separate the bodice and the skirt and fit both. perhaps add some basic pleating into the skirt to fit in with the volume of the bottom.
So after that Rant. Lets end on a positive note! I ADORE this jacket with the little peplum. Everything about it is fab! The fabric is great, Colour great,shape flattering, It also covers my favorite V word. Versatile! I want this Jacket!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pattern V Plain: Building a Wardrobe is Difficult, Difficult, Lemon Difficult.

I am one of those people drawn to pattern all the time especially in fabric (Ahem... See prev post for proof.)
But I really love elegant, simply styled people who wear colour co-ordinated outfits in plain fabrics with the occasional dip into print.

People like Emma Pillsbury from Glee, Michelle Obama, Isla Fisher, Christina Hendricks...
All of them do this style fantastically. For that ladylike chic, They all stick to plain (but bright) fabrics with the occasional flash of pattern in a shirt or cardigan.
This is one of the problems I find in my own wardrobe I have all Print and no basics to go with them! I'd like to fix this so I can start building a handmade workable wardrobe.

My Wardrobe Woes to date are:
Too Much Print
Not enough base colours to layer on
Not enough Skirts
Too many Dresses (Sob! Mostly printed too)
Not enough Cardigans
Not enough Trousers (Patty at SnugBug is doing a fab series on sewing trousers at the moment.)
Too much black

Thats quite a scary looking list isn't it? Like i've walked in on Trinny and Susannah rifling through my drawers. (horrific thought!)

As I mentioned in a prev post I have narrowed down the colours I'd like to wear in a dream summery wardrobe. Were everything can be worn in a million different combinations. So I am going to attempt some basics in various colourways like JCrew have with these skirts. I like to think of it like Gok Wan's "Capsule Wardrobe" or 14 pieces or whatever it is. Where everything harmonises.
Side Note: Is it just me or is it really hard to focus when you have a million zillion things running around in your head shouting "PICK ME! I WILL LOOK AMAZING?"
I find it really difficult to focus on one project and I am awful at sticking to plans I am the first to admit it! I over think and change my mind lots.
I suppose thats why I started my blog in a way. I'm using it as a kind of Diary to keep track of the craziness that runs around my brain.
Your allowed to make grand plans in a diary and you never have to carry them out, on here I'm held accountable by all you lovely people!
My McCalls M5815 Jacket is next on the list.The Blue Linen I was using for a wearable muslin is cut ready, but the camel fabric I ordered was more of a tobacco brown. So If it is finished I will take my Blue linen one to Barcelona and find a different use for the tobacco wool.
I am going to use The Jacket and The Joan Dress as My starting point as they are both made from the same fabric, Prehaps if I added a Lemon yellow or a Mustard belt and necklace this...
might look something similar to this?
What are your Wardrobe Woes, and how does print fit into your style?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Deluge Has Come...

I arrived back home in Brighton to find So many packages! Some containing fabric. Others containing the patterns I ordered in that Lucrative deal. As well as a couple of out of prints. I know its bad. This is addiction at its worst. I'm happy with the patterns but only a few of the fabrics were what I wanted them to be.
All of my fabrics came from Ebay. Granted they were all cheap but one that was labelled as Jersey (the cubes) is in fact swimwear lycra. Annoying but It could be a cowl neck dress or a muslin. The two pinkish ones are like a rough sateen. But they will do for linings, at 1.99 per metre they aren't to be sniffed at.The brown wool is a mix but it is a little scratchy and thin. Again super cheap though so I'm not too worried. They all came from the same company except the cube one which was an auction so I just know not to use them again.
The green and yellow floral poly cotton mix was labelled cotton sateen but it isn't. However it is a lovely fabric and i'm super pleased with it. the cotton below I got for a song in an auction. It would make a sweet little top. Its a little thin poplin. But my all time Favorite is the brush stroke cotton sateen which I got from an Ebay Shop! It is B E A Beautiful! I adore it although I know that the slipperyness will make it a pain to sew with!
This simplicity retro pattern was a nightmare to get hold of. I ended up buying it from the U.S. but I'm pleased I got it as the capri's really appeal and I'm lacking in separates.
This shirtdress is a classic. I'm not sure if it is out of print or not but I got it cheaper from the U.S. Inc postage than if I bought it in the U.K. Crazy.
What have you been coveting this week?

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day all. Heres What I received! I'm so exited I have never had a boyfriend that "did" Valentines day until now. I am away from home and I opened my mothers door this morning to find these delivered! I thought I'd do a bit of a red and pink inspiration post today for all the people that are going on dates tonight. Sadly I can't go out tonight which I'm a bit bummed about but I have been rifling through the inspiration folder and found all these to help you lovely lot to decide what to go for.
(As usual I have no idea where things are from so if I've used your image please comment and I will attribute it to your lovely self.)
This one is by far my favorite! I will have to keep an eye out for some similar fabric!
Have a Fab Day everyone!!! xxx