Thursday, 24 February 2011

Burda March Issue

I have to say I wasn't very impressed this month Burda!
It was focused on Weddings, Which is fine as Spring is a nice time to think about that kind of thing.
Normally I would be flicking through going "Oh I love that, and that and that and that." This month I was a bit like "was that it?" There was some nice basics like a long sleeved top a jacket and a pair of trousers. But I felt all the statement dresses left something to be desired.
Looks ok so far... Nice colour palette but obviously being a wedding issue lots of white.
Caftan. Thats quite useful and nice in a basic cotton colourway, pretty sleeves and nice for spring.
I'm not sure why but I loved this little jacket the detailing on the bottom made me all warm and fuzzy inside. But double breasted things tend to make me look strange...
This short Jacket reminded me of last years Jersey Blazer which I didn't like at the time but I actually quite like now. That could be useful for chucking in your bag when spring evenings get chilly.
Plus size I hated this time around! It was so frumpy, not like Burda at all. The only thing I could find was this twisted neck top which would be a useful basic.
Now for the Best and Worst.
There was a lot in this issue that made me go Wtf?!
Lets start with the worst.
I do not understand this bodice at all. It has a random appendage that looks like its started to grow by itself. Why?!
The second is one of the statement pieces. Pretty Colour, Pretty fabric but Just not flattering. There is way too much going on here for me. For a start The neck is miles too high and too loose fitting. You have a lot of drama in the sleeves which takes away from the yummy detailing on the bottom.
This is only going to flatter 0.2% of the population. Super Tall Super thin, Super Straight. I'm not even saying that people who are "Thin" will look good in it. You have to have very little figure about you which of course most people large and small all have. If I was intending to make this i would change the bodice completely prehaps consider keeping the sleeve but cut a very swooping open neckline and separate the bodice and the skirt and fit both. perhaps add some basic pleating into the skirt to fit in with the volume of the bottom.
So after that Rant. Lets end on a positive note! I ADORE this jacket with the little peplum. Everything about it is fab! The fabric is great, Colour great,shape flattering, It also covers my favorite V word. Versatile! I want this Jacket!

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