Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mini Rant. Pattern Paper: Dot and Cross V Squared!

I have had one of those moments where you are in pure desperation for one thing you think is simples.
OK So in college. We were taught to do our pattern cutting on dot and cross paper. I've always used it and its one of my little sewing habits. (apart from the greaseproof if It is wide enough.) I can get it from Fabricland normally on a roll and buy it in metres. Normally all well and good.
This week my mum and me went looking for some such paper. We travelled all around Bristol hit around 4 independants as well as HobbyCraft (AKA Soulless Box) and John Lewis. Not ONE sold dot and cross.
In the end we payed £6 to park and bought the squared type at the market. The one that was in every other bloody shop!
The dreaded squared paper.
As you can imagine we were not amused.
I'm just curious, as no one seemed to know what dot and cross paper was in 60% of the shops we went in.
Am I being a bit Antiquated using it? I find it easy to draw curves on it etc and it was the way i was taught only two years ago.
What does everyone else find most useful especially for Burda Style Patterns


  1. I was taught using dot and cross paper too about ten years ago

  2. Have you tried Morplan? They have it in all sizes.


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