Sunday, 27 August 2017

New Vlog Alert! July Fabric Haul

Happy Sunday everyone! 
I have another Vlog for you today, full of fabric goodness from Fabric Godmother's Open Day in July.
Keep a eye out for fabrics you like as a lot of these are still available in the shop!
Happy Stashing!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Neon Stripe Lark

Holy Crabsticks! It seems like forever ago I made this Lark Tee! I've been terrible with keeping up with my makes lately. Great that I've been sewing more and giving vloggging a go (check out my channel here) but not so good for the blog. I have loads of stuff to get up on here! But without further gilding the lily,

I give you another Lark tee!
Ok. I know, another one. But I think i've got the fit just right now and I made it in this fabulous grey and neon pink knit I bought at Fabric Godmother eons ago. I have just enough of this left for one more thing, but its one of those fabrics I don't ever want to end!
For this one, I took it down to a 12 and a 10 in the shoulders, my normal shoulder adjustment just wasn't severe enough. I think its just right now.
I don't have an awful lot else to say other than I will still be sewing up a load more of these. I've been reading A Curated Closet and i've come to realise short sleeved t-shirts are in short supply in my wardrobe.
 I might give it a rest for a little while as I have TATB Agnes and a few other t-shirt patterns to try out. I'd like to get my Plantain Tee pattern adjusted to fit again too. 
This last photo made me giggle!
 Caption this competition? 
My entry: 
"Piemaker what do you mean I can't have any more fabric!?" 
He's probably right though..

Sunday, 20 August 2017

New Vlog Alert! Sussex Sewing Meetup and Fabric Haul!

Hi Lovelies, 

Yet another Vlog up today, all about the goodies I purchased at the Sussex Sewing Meet!

I had such a fabulous time, sewing friends really are the best!
What have you stashed recently! I'd love to know! Also don't forget you can subscribe to my videos as well as my blog! 

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

New Vlog Alert! Fabric Haul

Hi lovelies,
 Just popping in to let you know i've posted by second vlog. This is a fabric haul from a while ago at Ditto Fabrics.
I'm finding the video editing a little tricky to grapple with so if you have any hints or tips please feel free to comment. Even if you don't and you just want to chat about fabrics (my favourite subject!) please drop me a comment or like and subscribe.
Now on to the fabric goodness!