Saturday, 4 October 2014

Completed: Autumn Leaves Coppelia

God I love Autumn! Boots, crunchy leaves, pumpkin flavoured stuffs, tights and of course cardigans!
I have never been a Summer girl. Too much flesh to bare for me, I much prefer the comfort of layers and the warmth of the fire. Time to show you my new Coppelia cardigan! Much improved from my first attempt this is made from a wool blend jersey in my favourite shade of mustard! 
This colour reminds me of those beautiful yellow leaves that fall off the trees before they turn auburn and crunchy. Such a happy colour!
I made a few changes this time but I'm sure I could use a few more, this is Coppelia lengthened by 4 inches. I find the previous version added far too much bulk to the smallest part of my waist making me look very square. I didn't shorten the ties on this one as I did in the previous I need all the wrap I can get! I also left off the cuff as I naturally roll my sleeves up most of the time, I didn't feel I really need it but I have them cut incase I change my mind.
By the way, how perfect are these shoes? They match beautifully and I can see myself wearing this to work with some black slim pants. The fabric is a beautiful wool blend from Ditto in Brighton. Expensive for me but I squeezed this out of 1.5 metres which was a bit of a struggle, but it made it affordable.
 Here is what I'm going to do differently next time:

  • Re-locate the wrap ties - Now its longer its not as flattering wrapped at my hips I'd like them more around my waist. I can wear it like this but theres a weird cross at the back.
  • Cut 2 sizes smaller! My sleeves are massive and I overestimated the weight of this jersey. There is a lot of stretch and paired with the raglan sleeve this makes for a kind of batwing effect. I don't mind it being snuggly but I'm hoping it might need to do a bit more shrinking in the wash.

Fabric: 1.5 Wool Blend Jersey from Ditto in Brighton £9.99 pm
Notions: From Stash £0.00
Total: £14.98
Wearability: 8/10
If I made the changes I listed earlier this would totally be a ten. This colour is super flattering to my "Wednesday Adams" toned skin and will look great with my work wardrobe and my home wardrobe!

How about you readers? Are you Autumn people?