Friday, 22 March 2013

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Hey all, Just a quick note to let you know I'm on Bloglovin. You can click the link on my page to follow. I've been using it for a while and now that google reader is finished its a great time to jump!

Planning a Sewcation...

Just imagine she's running out of the British rain and the suitcase is full of fabric, 
Then its kinda the same

Piemaker has gone to a computer convention. For a whole four days! Which leaves little ol' me on my own for a long weekend! I am getting all the chores out of the way today so that I have three days to just sew.
Here's the Plan:

  • I am going to try and finish my languishing Jasmine just the collar and one sleeve to go...
  • Sew a muslin for The Salme Blazer
  • Sew Muslin for Clover
  • Sew Muslin for Archer
  • Maybe whip up a dress. 
It has been so long since I made a dress. This occurred to me when looking for something on the blog the other day. The last dress I made and finished was over a year ago! Back in January 2012.
I knew I was committed to cake over icing and sewing more separates but jeez! A dress wouldn't kill me. I have lots in mind but I think something warm could be good. I've been crushing over summer dresses for our trip to Florence but the weather just isn't getting better here in the UK.
What are you up to this weekend?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Completed: Spangly Renfrew...

Another Finished part of my SWAP! I wasn't sure if this was going to be in it but I'm really glad I made it.
Talk about workhorse clothing, This is my third Renfrew made from a remnant I got in May last year that I have been dying to use. I'm gutted the fabric store didn't have more of it! It was always destined to be made up in this pattern. Its oh so soft and has a slight sparkle to it. I'm not one for glitzy in your face kind of sparkle but this was just enough and not itchy like metallic threads can be!
Easy as pie to make. I could make it in my sleep I think. Slight fitting issues and drag lines at the bust and just under my bra at the back, but nothing I can't live with. I cut a size down from my last one and I think an FBA might have to happen.
 I wasn't sure about this top when I put it on the shine made it a bit "wet look" and I wasn't sure but having worn it for the day I can safely say it goes with loads of stuff in my wardrobe and is a keeper!
(Please excuse the wrinkles where my moss skirt makes bumps.) 
Goes perfectly with Moss Skirt (Which is also getting tons of wear!)
Costings seem pretty good to me too!
Fabric: In Stash before 2013, £0!
Notions: Renfrew Pattern already in Stash, Thread in Stash £0
Total: Free!
Wearability: 9 I think the wet look could take some getting used to but otherwise its so neutral I could wear it with anything!

Have you any Workhorse garments in your wardrobe?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

SWAP: The Progress Part One...

Time to focus on my first attempt at a real SWAP! (Sewing With A Plan) I've actually been enjoying this process so far. The ladies over at Artisan Square are very supportive and its a great achievement for me to have kept to the plan for two items!
I get so distracted and having the plan in front of me really helps.
So the progress so far is:

  • Juniper Trousers -
  • Salme Blazer - In Progress Muslin Stage, Fabric Ready
  • Purple ponte for cardigan -
  • Airelle in purple stretch cotton Completed
  • Turquoise swiss dot for jasmine - Pattern Cut, Fabric Ready
  • Grey lawn stretch cotton Airelle 2 or Tilly's Mathilde - Bonus Project
  • Stretch dark denim for Clover pants In Progress Muslin Stage
  • Charcoal grey needlecord For Grainine moss skirt. Completed
  • purple jersey with white and pink stripe -Bonus Project (Not sure what pattern to use yet)
The Muslin for Clover could be tricky as I don't have a 3% stretch woven spare to practise with and it seems silly to buy fabric just for a muslin. I'm anticipating they will be terrible first time around as I struggle with RTW.
Keeping on track is never easy but I think that I'll have some great clothes at the end of the SWAP not to mention its stashbusting 5 fabrics which isn't too shabby!
How do you find keeping to a plan?