Friday, 20 February 2015

The Long Silence...


Good afternoon lovely blog readers! Well, this is awkward, no posts since October and no real excuse... Ok. So lots of bloggers have a bit of a silence over Christmas but this might be taking the biscuit. So I thought you deserved a little life update:

  • New job? Going swimmingly thank you, but increased responsibility has meant some extra long hours, I don't mind but when I come home I tend to crash.
  • Driving? I got my first car over Christmas which means I am finally free of public transport! Should be a time saver!
  • Allotment! I became the new owner of an allotment over the Autumn and boy is that a time suck! But I'm already in love with it and the excercise won't kill me.
  • House? Still a million and one things to do no moneys to do it with
  • Teaching! I have a few regular students which I am really happy about but again it's the time that takes up on top of my 9-5. 
All in all this has meant pretty much zero selfish sewing. This makes me sad and I do feel guilty for not keeping up with my commitments. But something had to give. At the moment my overlocker is in for service, hopefully having it back will renew my vigour. 

Do you ever feel guilty about how you divide up your time?