Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Me Made May...

I, Stevie of Beebee's Vintage Dress sign up as a participant of Me Made May'14 I endeavour to wear 3 me made outfits per week and create 4 new garments throughout the duration of May.
Just in Time!
I have currently got 23 garments sitting on my rail ready to go. More than I think i've ever had for a me made may. I think it will be a fabulous opportunity to test my 11 SWAP Items and do a big reveal. Unfortunately due to my current job I can only commit to 3 outfites a week. I might manage more but I wanted to add a second condition to my pledge this year, making myself four more garments will push me to keep my sewing productivity up and hopefully reap the benefits of a more versatile wardrobe.
I've been good at making basics in darker colours but its time to brighten it up for spring and summer!
For practicality i've been a jeans and pretty yop kind of girl recently. I'd like to focus on pin pointing my current style. Perhaps have a go at Colette's Wardrobe Architect Challenge deciding what I should make more of and what I should take out.
What have you pledged this year?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Completed: Victoria Blazer Skull Pansy Style...

Instagrammers rejoice! I have finally photographed my illusive Victoria Blazer!
Thanks for all the lovely comments on my skull pansy skirt, now I give you the matching blazer!
Yes Matching!
 I have to confess this has been on the finished pile for quite a while. Even before the skirts existence... We'll gloss over that shall we,
Oh how I love this jacket! Its relaxed without being too boxy. 80's without being too Bonnie Tyler. Not my usual style but it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I'd say it pretty much pushed me off the cliff of my comfort zone! Nevertheless I'm really pleased with it!
I love By Hand London's patterns and this was the first I'd made. However its certainly not the last (Flora cough cough...)
 This jacket has been styled with my new skirt. I wanted to specifically pick out the blue. Its actually a lot easier to style than I anticipated due to almost every colour in the rainbow being represented in the pattern. Oh but did I mention? Cotton Sateen, still totally my favourite fabric! Its so comfy and perfect for this time of year plus the 3/4 sleeves stop me getting too warm.
I decided to line the sleeves initially but in the end relented and took out the lining. It was lovely but it didn't have as much stretch as I'd have liked. The ladies knew best after all!
(I hope you like my unimpressed face due to the Pixel photobombing I had to endure!)
 See what I have to put up with!? Pure cuteness...
Have you made Victoria? Or ever been pushed off the cliff of your comfort zone? Do Tell!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Minerva Blogging Network: Denim Delight! Lisette Market Skirt

Hi friends!
Its been a really busy month for me but anticipating that I decided on a lovely speedy project for my April make.
This is Simplicity 2211 also known as the Lisette Market skirt by pattern designer Liesl Gibson I always loved her designs and I'm sad to say this is one of her patterns which is now out of stock.
I have made version two before a couple of years ago, oddly around this time of year!
Unfortunately I used the same pattern pieces, forgetting I'd lost a bit of pudge since then. I would happily have this skirt a size or two smaller. It pools a little at the front but its too comfy and in rotation too often to change now but the next version I will.
In order to add some detailing I topstitched the seams and added the tab and two little rose gold coloured buttons from the stash.
 Ah Pixel Pug is getting used to these photos now! This is very typical of how i've been wearing this skirt. The upside of a plain denim skirt? It goes with everything! It has barely been off my body since I finished it. The denim is a lovely firm quality, hardwearing but not heavy and in a perfect shade of mid blue. A colour I can't seem to find jeans in on the high street at the moment. Perhaps I should think about making myself a pair with this denim...

 I love a versatile skirt! I grant you its not the most flattering without a waistband but I have some denim left over. It got a bit wrinkly after wearing it for the whole day but I think thats to be expected. Pixel has decided that its his turn in the limelight. He bought his grotty chicken toy over to play!
 He's determined to show you his messy bit of the kitchen. All his own work you understand!
In the end Pixel obviously won!
Fabric: Minerva
Notions One spool of thread Minerva and buttons from stash
Wearability: 8/10 If I cut a smaller size then it would be a ten!