Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Frilly Milly...

 Hello Friends! Does my skirt look a bit poofy today?
I should think so! Heres my new petticoat I made! Its a layer of thin cotton with an elasticated waist with two 3m pieces of net gathered into the bottom of the waistband making it ultra frilly!
I now think I need to whip up a few circle skirts so I can use it to my hearts content.
Heres a bit of a rubbish picture of the petticoat on its own. I'm really pleased with it! I think I have the perfect next project that it will go with brilliantly!
So tell me lovelies, What have you been making recently?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Fully Fledged Fashion Historian...

I had to post. I got my degree results today and came out with a fantastic 2:1. This means I can now go on to do my masters in History of Design and Material Culture and I am officially a qualified Dress Historian.

I can't quite believe the last three years have finished. I am moving on to a brand new phase of life and its scary but exiting. I am so thankful for all the help I received and all the blessings that turned up in this time including the start of my blog, my new job, new friends online and not and of course meeting the love of my life. He has been fantastic all the way through! I love you Dave! x

So what now?
I decided not to go to the graduation ceremony as I feel they are overpriced plus in reality i'm quite shy and I feel quite uncomfortable doing things like that.  I promised my parents that I would do the ceremony for my Masters and now I will!
So the summer of sewing will now resume! Thankyou all for your patience and support!
Your All Awesome! 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Still alive! Plus I finished something...

Hello, Sorry for the absence I've been settling in at work and I've managed to actually sew something!
This is the clothkits Autumn Linen skirt in pink. Its lined with white lawn and was lovely to put together. The kit is £35 which isn't too bad and is great for beginners. Only problem was that in the two weeks I was messing around with it I lost half a stone! Therefore it is now too big.
 Its ok for wearing to work though and the lawn is a nice quality and feels nice against the skin.
I decided to jazz it up with a decorative stitch on the hem.
So what have you all been sewing?

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sewing. But Not...

I promise I have been sewing. Only problem is it has been more for work purposes. I taught a bag class yesterday which was great fun but it means i've done very little sewing at home.

In order to give my sewjo a good kick up the derriere I have subscribed to Sew Today. When you do you get 2 free patterns. I chose two i'd been crushing on for a while Kwik Sew 3854 and Vogue 8774.

I'm thrilled they have started stocking Kwik Sew, I was a little bummed when they got bought out by BMV but now I get discount!
I chose this one because I love the sailor buttons and they could be easily lengthened (for my little legs) if I so wished,

The Vogue Pattern is 8774. Which looks boring but its the first pattern i've seen that is nice looking and sits on your waist. The height at the back is something I can never find with RTW so here's hoping I can get these to work for all those lovely coloured bottom weight fabrics I have lying around.
I think more patterns could be coming as the jubilee sale is on... Hmmm
How are you anyway you lovely lot? What are you sewing at the moment?