Thursday, 31 January 2013

2 Days to Go!...

I'm so excited about Saturday.
For those that our going there is around 16 of us, which is fantastic!
Having not been to Walthamstow before I did a spot of research and there is only one exit for the tube. That is where I shall be standing at 11am on Saturday. 
 I tried to reserve a table at EAT17, Unfortunately they don't take bookings for a daytime so its unlikely we'll get in there.
If anyone knows of anywhere spacious enough for us all and with food, let me know and i'll do my best to book it up.
Any questions let me know
I have gathered a seriously large bag of goodies for swapping! See you there ladies!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Meetup! and a little favor pour moi!...

Hi lovely people! I'm so excited about Saturday the 2nd of Feb!. Any suggestions on where I should book to eat?
I'll get a list of who's coming drawn up tonight. If you do fancy coming then please don't think its too late! Drop me an email!
In the meantime have a lovely week. I'll leave you with my clever little brother. Ashton Tucker
He's just finishing his first E.P. and could really use your support. He's a student at Royal Northern College of Music.

Have a listen and share it anyway you like. He'd sure appreciate it! You can follow him on his WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter
This is his first track "Rest The Blame On Me"

Friday, 18 January 2013

Completed: Airelle... No, Really!

No... Could it be? Has Stevie actually sewn and finished something?! I know thats what your thinking!
My last completed sewing project to my shame was a petticoat I never wear. IN JULY!
                                                                     Prey forgive me!
But I'm officially back! Albeit with a make shift sewing space for now. Here is my Airelle from Deer and Doe. I have to say I wasn't sure i'd like this style but its actually very pretty or Tres Jolie even!(Thankyou to you) I showed Piemaker when he got home from work and his response was... "Ummm a bit loud..." It might be the pairing with purple jeans perhaps.  But I really like this top!

This stretch cotton has been in  my stash for AGES. I bought it in Ditto in remnants when I first moved to Brighton four(?!) years ago. I'm glad I managed to eek something wearable out of it, although I had to cut the facings separately to squeeze it in. Overall i'm pretty happy with the fit and it went together like a dream! I didn't bother with instructions although my french is passable, honest! The only thing I will do in the future is go up a size for a woven with no stretch. This is just about comfortable on but pulling it on and off can be a bit of a wriggle. The top photo is a little notched detail I decided to use on the cuffs. I often have trouble with 3/4 length cuffs being tight so this was to insure I could move comfortably. I needn't have bothered.

 Plus you lucky things get to see a corner of our new house! Yes thats our crap on the sofa, yes there is no flooring. But we'll get there in the end!
I need to find a better photo corner.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Killing Your Darlings...

                                             Image from

After moving its logical to have a clearout. Start afresh and all that, But some of the stuff includes some of my me made clothing. Sarai brought this up calling it "Killing Your Darlings" (William Faulkner quote)
My first ever dress will never get thrown away but a few of the things never get worn, aren't well enough made to go to charity or the fabric is rubbish.
I am a very sentimental person and as a material culture historian I know the devastation when something precious is lost to history. But is someone seriously going to worry about 10 handmade garments from some random girl? Answer is most probably no. But nevertheless Its a painful process for me. I spent time on those pieces and they hold some of my own identity.
(Ironically i'm writing something about Victorian women and their needlework representing their domestic identity right now)

So tell me, how do you feel about getting rid of stuff you've made yourself?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Walthamstow Meetup Confirmed 2nd February!

Hello All,
Just dropping in to say hi and that we FINALLY moved into our house today, so both of us are super happy but shattered. Early night I think!
Also I wanted to confirm that the Walthamstow Meetup is being confirmed as the 2nd of Feb!
Its going to be great with lots of lovely people confirmed already!
We will be meeting at 11am at Walthamstow Central Tube Station and continuing on to Lunch (which is TBC, if you have any suggestions that would be great!) Then Swapping to our hearts content.
Bring anything you like Buttons/ Notions/ Gadgets/ Patterns/ Fabric to swap and after that its on to the shopping!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

London Meetup and Swap... DATE REVISION!

Hi everyone,
I've decided to rethink the date of the Walthamstow meetup. I had a lot of people who couldn't make that date. So I'm handing it over to you! Leave us a comment and tell me what is the best Saturday for you! I would love to include everyone I can so we can work out a date everyone is happy with hopefully. I love meeting like minded sewists and I know some of you aren't local to London.
Please get in touch, it would be great to see you!!!!

2012: The Good The Bad and The Unfinished...

Its been a rocky year, mostly in a good way. I covered all the stuff that happened in my post Re-adressing the ReSewlutions
My sewing has been slow however I did manage 12 finished objects + 5 Christmas presents
Some of these are pretty well established in my wardrobe like the Striped Renfrew and Lisette skirt.
2. My Tinkerbell Meets Obama brushed tweed Meringue skirt. (Even with the wrinkles)
 3. My Liberty Jersey Wrap Dress. This is now too big! Which sucks but I will take it in in the new year.
4.The Cherry Picked Blouse... I don't wear this very much as its a smidge too short which is such a shame. I have an unfinished tank top in the same fabric that I should really get done the fabric was beautiful!

5. My Tnt Pattern top. This is the third or fourth version and I think. I could find a new TnT by now. I really do like this shape on me but there are so many jersey patterns it would be cruel to not explore them!
However some were less sucessful although they get some wear.
6. Cockatoo Blouse, This has weird blousy bits where the fullness on the bust doesn't skim enough. I do wear it but its so thin I feel a little self concious. I still love this though with some adjustments.

7. The Clothkits Skirt, I do however like this simple skirt, it just has bad memories attached so it doesn't get worn often.

8. Petticoat. I completely didn't need this. I'm sure it will be useful at some point but its more of a silly costume item.
Knitting Projects.
I was so pleased I learnt to knit this year and I did actually finish two small projects 
1. My Honey Cowl, This gets a lot of wear. Cowls are so versatile and it taught me to knit in the round with circular needles, its not perfect but hey! its so warm I don't care!
2. My Stefanie Japel Scaflette/headband. I also wear this an awful lot as a headband. During the last chilly snap it was essential when walking home from nightshifts at 7am, its just so warm and doesn't let any air through the garter stitch. This class also taught me lace knitting!

My unfinished knitting...
This Louisa Harding top is my first go at a flat top, its lovely and i'm enjoying it but I felt it was too summery to do through winter so its in hibernation. 

I also knitted five of these frilly scarves for Christmas gifts, 
So easy and quick!

Unfinished Sewing
 My Nostalgic Asterisks dress (super see through) Colette Parfait. I'm not done with this pattern. it was too small in the bust, Jacket of Doom! Super unflattering, enough said.
My Nostalgic Asterisks dress (super see through)

I've been so inspired this year by all the amazing people and beautifully made garments that have popped out of the Blogisphere this year. I feel so lucky to be among you clever people!
As I said yesterday Happy New Year, welcome to 2013. Heres to more wonderful sewing fun!
                                                              I hope its great for all of us! 

Happy New Year!!!! Welcome 2013!

                    Happy New Year Everyone, 
                      Have a Fabulous 2013!!!