Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Summer of Sewings!...

Morning lovelies! Wow, MA stuff really got in the way there in the last few weeks, I can happily say year one is over (i'm part time) so i'm going to spend my summer job hunting, gardening and sewing!
I have a whole heap of projects floating around in my head,
I am also a lucky ducky going off to Sienna, Italy for my cousin's wedding on Friday! I have a little surprise when I get there so stay tuned for that.
Right now I'm frantically overpacking and sorting the last minute bits.
When I get back I intend to get straight into precious sewing time! I have so many summery bits, although with a British twist as lets face it, England is never scorching!
Heres whats in the pipeline!
  • Moss Skirt No. 2
  • Archer Shirt No.2
  • Colette Jasmine
  • Salme Blazer
  • Avocado Hoodie
  • Deer and Doe Datura
  • Scout Tee
  • Deer and Doe Pavot
  • Secret Project (Reveal next week!)
I also have a few of the fabrics i'm using. Some are from swaps and the rest are mostly from Ditto in Brighton.
I think that should be enough to get on with! Although i'm desperate for some new dresses. Its amazing how my style has changed drastically since starting this blog. I go for a lot more useful garments now. I was particularly struck by it when deciding to pack my Peony Hazel dress. My mum really encouraged me to take it. But looking at the rest of my clothes it just doesn't fit with my aesthetic. I have it packed so we shall see if it makes an appearance! I've been leaning towards hot pink, grey and blues recently. Heres some planned fabrics... Can you guess what i'm making with each?