Monday, 26 September 2011

Stashaholism... New Patterns and Fabric!

I really am not to be trusted to wander around shops or the interweb alone. I have bought 9 new patterns ( On a deal,) and have new fabrics too. I've been sewing a lot lately but I'm not sure I stash busted enough to validate these...
So to the patterns first. I've been thinking about how I'm graduating this year, I will do a post on it in the near future but I realised I have absolutely no "work like" attire.

Not that I'm going to turn into Mary Portas the minute I finish Uni in March, but I will need some. So here goes.... The skirt pattern Above is McCalls 6439. Then obviously shirts are invaluable. I have my pussybow blouse from Simplicity but I thought I'd add McCalls 5522. I've always wanted a shirt with bust gathers and was thrilled when I found this one!

Next up is Trousers. I have a serious lack of trousers at the moment and as were going into Autumn I really think the more pairs the better.
The patterns I bought exclusively for trousers are...
Vogue 8604, (Although I love the jacket cape thing,) Vogue 8751, and Vogue 1264. I saw Erica make a fab pair of hot pink tailored trousers from this and I couldn't resist. I seriously doubt I will EVER make the jacket.
I only bought one pattern for a dress as I really don't need too many more dresses. But this reminded me of an Erwin Olaf Image I've put up before. This would look yummy in a minky ponte knit!
Last come the Suit sets and Jackets. I've been crushing hard on little jackets recently and I couldn't not have these.
Talk about value! You get a dress, a skirt, a jacket and trousers in this 8701! Then there is Rebecca Taylors lush jacket and skirt suit!
Lastly, As I said in my wardrobe planning post. I have been needing a lovely plain blazer and came across this McCalls pattern. I think it would be perfect and is lovely and relaxed!
Thats the patterns out the way. Now for the stupidly expensive fabric trip I went on today!
This 100% cotton is almost like a super soft moleskin. Think needlecord without the lines.
I thought it would make a good comfy blazer in a neutral shade. Then there is a lovely white Georgette for a shirt. I've never owned a silky soft delicate shirt before!
Imagine that blouse with a wicked purple wool pencil skirt! Yummy no?
Finally the Piece de resistance! This fine wool elastane mix is machine washable but sooo light! (Not cheap at £10 pm but I bought enough to make a super sexy jacket and trouser set. Plus it was only £40 for a suit if you look at it that way!)
So what do you think? How do you feel about workwear?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Storybook Skirt...

This week has been Quel Nightmare when relating to sewing. I've been poorly all week and thought it would be time to get on with my UFO's but that never happened. Then came the disaster with the Beignet...

I started working on my green Simplicity 2151. and its actually a lovely pattern! The fit is looking great so far and i've had very little trouble with it. I just need to do the buttonholes and hem. Hopefully I can do most of that before the end of the weekend and have a new shirt to wear! But talking of new garments whats that you see at the top of the screen?

Thanks to Piemaker's consistent playing of the new Gear of War game. I've had enough time this evening to finish a skirt for Colette Fall Palette! Hoorayy! (God knows I needed it after Beignet catastrophe.)
I think I'm in love with this skirt. I've called it the Storybook skirt and its made from New Look 6981. It was so easy to make and is from Anna Marie Horner Quilting cotton in two different colourways!

I have to give the inspiration credit to Patty from Snug Bug. She seems to have the ability to put the most beautiful patterns together and mix them. I'm not quite so brave. I tried a plain mustard band but it didn't have the pop that I wanted. The abstract trees make me think of fairytales and so thats where the name came from!
This means I've at got 6 of the Fall Challenge items either on the go or finished from the list. With 6 more to go!
Apologies for the night photos but I was just too exited! Hope your having a good sewing week!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Various Swear Words...

The second to last buttonhole on my Beignet...
I have ripped through and slashed the fabric open... And my hand but thats not the point!! I was so close to finishing! Any quick fixes so I don't have to cut another front piece?

Does anyone else feel sick!?!
I think I need a cup of tea...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

SSS catch up

Hello you lot!
I can't believe its been a week since I blogged. I have tried writing posts all week but I was having trouble trying to find something interesting for you all.
Heres my week in SSS
My Autumn top with jeans on Day 14
My Pippa Skirt on Day 15, On day 16 we were painting our bedroom furniture so I was in scaggy jeans all day.

Day 17 was my Burda Parisian Skirt
Day 18 was a busy day, please excuse the mad hair. I wore my Alexis top and Mona skirt.
Day 19 I wore my fab thrifted shirtdress I found for £3! I shortened it and I think it could be a wardrobe staple and a size 14! (I've lost a dress size!!!) Underneath I am wearing my TnT remnant top.
Day 20 was a stay at home day in my polka dot built by wendy top.
and today I have a meeting for work. This is my favorite outfit of the week! Mona skirt, with M&S purple top and a fabulous Boden cardigan I got off ebay! I literally love it to death.
I am going to try really hard to get some sewing done but everything I touch at the moment seems to end in disaster. Plus I have an old friend staying and he is currently sleeping in my sewing room Just until next week though. I think I will bring my sewing machine downstairs so I can get on without disturbing him!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Week 2 SSS'11

This week I have yet again only managed 6 days. Not sure why as I wore me mades everyday. But the day I wore my Elie Top I didn't get a picture...
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10 Built by wendy top
Day 11 Dotty Top and Refashioned shorts.
Day 13 Lisette Barcelona blouse
Finally Day 14 was my Autumnal top!
I have planned so much for Autumn sewing! But when I look at the list of stuff i've planned to make I find that my brain goes elsewhere.

Most of the Colette Autumn stuff is cut or in various states of finished. But then I get bored and I start itching to make something new.
I also signed up for Fall Essentials Sewalong and have made a plan totally different to the Colette one.
I have 4 more items to cut and for Colette but all I can think about is starting a new shirt!
So I did...

I started cutting version A of Simplicity 2151 in this emerald green cotton i've had in my stash for a long time. This colour reminds me of Sarah Burton in the BBC Drama South Riding.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Dotty Top...

This is just a quick "I needed to make something for quick self gratification" Top. This is fast becoming a TNT New Look 6922. I cut a 12 in the shoulders! (YES a 12!!!) which sorted my droopy shoulders but now I need to to an FBA in future, and the rest is a straight 14. However its a tiny bit snug on purpose. I'm pleased as I've been cutting 18s and taking them in for at least a year. So its nice to feel like i've gone down nearly two sizes. I'll just wear it with cardigans until it is perfect. Hopefully in a week or so.

Its a shame that in RTW I still count as gigantimous!

Here it is with a rtw cardigan.
In other news a few of the UFO's I have floating around can now be finished! Remember my pink gingham Lisette Traveller shirtdress?

Well since it had sleeves put on it has been left hung up waiting for buttonholes. When I left the old house this didn't fit across my hips. Literally would bust the button. So I left it. But after seeing Jane's version. I decided to dig it out and see how it was now.
Happily it fits a lot better. The armholes are a teeny bit un-comfy but I was pleased at how it looked on me now. Plus its a good one to wear with leggings in the winter!
I'm also working on my Fall/ Autumn essentials moodboard. My second Autumn challenge!

Friday, 9 September 2011

How do you feel about buying/making motivational pieces?...

Today I was both elated and horrified. I was expecting a package from Boden while I was away but according to Piemaker there had been nothing. Nevermind it will come tomorrow...

I opened the curtains this morning to see a boden box propped next to my recycling bin! I bolted out to find the box soaked and covered in snails. I was so angry. It had to have been out there at least two days. But luckily, thanks to the nice packers at boden, the silk skirt and shirt dress were dry and fine!

I had purposely bought a size 14 in both garments. Knowing it was unlikely they would fit right now. But hoping it would give me focus to keep up the weight loss. The skirt has some way to go. But the shirt dress was a little snug but otherwise ok! I was pleased. If I keep going and lose a bit more again I can wear it!
This lead me to think about sewing not only buying. Do you use your clothes as motivational pieces?
Do you make a work Jacket to give you confidence to go and get a job?
Make some Yoga pants to encourage you to exercise? Maybe some Pj Pants to make you relax?
Or like me go a little snug so you have reason to keep slimming down?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

SSS Week 1

I have worn Me Made for 6 Days this week.
My dear Uncle Bob passed away recently and today was his funeral. So I had to wear my rtw black dress all day so there isn't a day seven. But I guessed you guys wouldn't mind! So Day one was my Alexis top and Beignet. Day two was my Etta cardigan.
Day 3 is my matching cardigan which isn't quite finished yet. But it went so well with this dress I had to wear it! Day 4 was my Joan Dress.
Day 5 was my Mona Skirt this is what I travelled to Bristol in which is why the backgrounds changed.
Day 6 was my Lyra dress which i'm still not keen on.
How was your first week?

Monday, 5 September 2011

Plaid... Not impressed

For last weeks sew weekly challenge I decided to start on the cape and skirt for my fall palette. However it has been a nightmare and i'm not sure I like the results too much. The cape just needs buttons but it reminds me of a hairdressers cape!
The skirt is well made but the waistband is too short, plus I cut a smaller size and now I have to slim into it. The tweed has made the ruffles a bit bulky and the pockets aren't sitting right.
As a set it looks ok. Someone said Doris Day like and I can see that but it still needs some serious work!