Friday, 2 September 2011

Fall Palette... Theres more...

Hello Lovelies! Its time to see the second part of the saga that is my Autumn/Fall palette.
Lets put both boards together shall we? Here is the inspiration board...
Here is the second part of my mood board! The SEWING PLAN!
I may even go for a third part if I get this all done.

This makes me look like superwoman but to be honest out of the 12 garments on this board I already have 1 finished and 5 currently in different stages of construction:

The duck egg simplicity shirt only needs a collar and fastenings.

Both Capes are cut, ready to assemble,

The wool check skirt only needs waistband and zipper.

The jersey cardigan needs the facings sewn down and the buttons sewn on and hemming,

So really that just leaves me with:

The full skirt with contrast band,

the cowl neck top (2 pieces hopefully will take an afternoon)

2 pairs of trousers one in Purple twill the other in wool

Another Simplicity shirt (my Third!?)

and finally the chiffon cherry print blouse!

in 10 weeks? I'd better get cracking!


  1. I love your palette and your inspiration pics are so pretty! 12 garments in 10 weeks does sound super-womanly to me. Having 5 garments in construction at the same time does, too, btw... ;)

  2. Yay! I LOVE your inspiration board! Lots of my favorite colors AND patterns!

  3. lots going on here Stevie, your going to be busy!

  4. What fabulous mood boards and glorious colours, looking good for a new Autumn wardrobe!
    PS I have sussed out my comment problem! yay!

  5. I love that you're making two capes! I'm looking for a cool hem border pattern to go with some Tina Givens fabric I found..


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