Friday, 9 September 2011

How do you feel about buying/making motivational pieces?...

Today I was both elated and horrified. I was expecting a package from Boden while I was away but according to Piemaker there had been nothing. Nevermind it will come tomorrow...

I opened the curtains this morning to see a boden box propped next to my recycling bin! I bolted out to find the box soaked and covered in snails. I was so angry. It had to have been out there at least two days. But luckily, thanks to the nice packers at boden, the silk skirt and shirt dress were dry and fine!

I had purposely bought a size 14 in both garments. Knowing it was unlikely they would fit right now. But hoping it would give me focus to keep up the weight loss. The skirt has some way to go. But the shirt dress was a little snug but otherwise ok! I was pleased. If I keep going and lose a bit more again I can wear it!
This lead me to think about sewing not only buying. Do you use your clothes as motivational pieces?
Do you make a work Jacket to give you confidence to go and get a job?
Make some Yoga pants to encourage you to exercise? Maybe some Pj Pants to make you relax?
Or like me go a little snug so you have reason to keep slimming down?

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  1. I used to keep slightly too-small garments, just in case I fit into them again (never did). Now I buy and make things that fit me properly and since I feel good about myself and I am keeping busy sewing I just don't snack so much. Other than that I am just happy to have something that fits me well.
    Anyways, New Look 6922 is really cute!


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