Monday, 26 September 2011

Stashaholism... New Patterns and Fabric!

I really am not to be trusted to wander around shops or the interweb alone. I have bought 9 new patterns ( On a deal,) and have new fabrics too. I've been sewing a lot lately but I'm not sure I stash busted enough to validate these...
So to the patterns first. I've been thinking about how I'm graduating this year, I will do a post on it in the near future but I realised I have absolutely no "work like" attire.

Not that I'm going to turn into Mary Portas the minute I finish Uni in March, but I will need some. So here goes.... The skirt pattern Above is McCalls 6439. Then obviously shirts are invaluable. I have my pussybow blouse from Simplicity but I thought I'd add McCalls 5522. I've always wanted a shirt with bust gathers and was thrilled when I found this one!

Next up is Trousers. I have a serious lack of trousers at the moment and as were going into Autumn I really think the more pairs the better.
The patterns I bought exclusively for trousers are...
Vogue 8604, (Although I love the jacket cape thing,) Vogue 8751, and Vogue 1264. I saw Erica make a fab pair of hot pink tailored trousers from this and I couldn't resist. I seriously doubt I will EVER make the jacket.
I only bought one pattern for a dress as I really don't need too many more dresses. But this reminded me of an Erwin Olaf Image I've put up before. This would look yummy in a minky ponte knit!
Last come the Suit sets and Jackets. I've been crushing hard on little jackets recently and I couldn't not have these.
Talk about value! You get a dress, a skirt, a jacket and trousers in this 8701! Then there is Rebecca Taylors lush jacket and skirt suit!
Lastly, As I said in my wardrobe planning post. I have been needing a lovely plain blazer and came across this McCalls pattern. I think it would be perfect and is lovely and relaxed!
Thats the patterns out the way. Now for the stupidly expensive fabric trip I went on today!
This 100% cotton is almost like a super soft moleskin. Think needlecord without the lines.
I thought it would make a good comfy blazer in a neutral shade. Then there is a lovely white Georgette for a shirt. I've never owned a silky soft delicate shirt before!
Imagine that blouse with a wicked purple wool pencil skirt! Yummy no?
Finally the Piece de resistance! This fine wool elastane mix is machine washable but sooo light! (Not cheap at £10 pm but I bought enough to make a super sexy jacket and trouser set. Plus it was only £40 for a suit if you look at it that way!)
So what do you think? How do you feel about workwear?


  1. I think... you need to tell me where you found that magenta skirt fabric cos I want some! ;)
    I sew work clothes. That's to say, I wear most of what I sew to work. And I haven't been sacked (yet) so don't be sucked into assuming you have to wear a suit to work. Unless you are an accountant. Are you an accountant?!

  2. rehab is the only pace for you!!

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  4. I think we need a sewist support group!
    Roobedoo- The skirt fabric was from Ditto in Brighton it was £10 pm though not cheap! Don't buy it all, Because I have a feeling I might be going back for some more too! I'm not an accountant. I'm graduating so hopefully it will be something in a museum!

  5. Thanks Stevie! I promise only to ask for a metre! ;)

  6. Great patterns and fabric.. Looks like you had a fun shopping trip.Enjoy and Happy Sewing.


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