Thursday, 22 September 2011

Various Swear Words...

The second to last buttonhole on my Beignet...
I have ripped through and slashed the fabric open... And my hand but thats not the point!! I was so close to finishing! Any quick fixes so I don't have to cut another front piece?

Does anyone else feel sick!?!
I think I need a cup of tea...


  1. Oh no! No suggestions, sorry, but my sympathies!
    Ashley x

  2. Oh no, that's devastating for you! No quick fix ideas I'm afraid...sorry :o(

  3. I, too, have done that. I actually cried. I couldn't figure out any way to mend it so I ended up cutting a new front placket (it was a shirt). I got lots of good tips about ripping buttonholes when I posted about it. Now I put a pin at each end of the buttonhole and rip from the middle to the ends. The pin stops the seam ripper. I'm so sorry!

  4. Argh! Hate that buttonholes come last and are so easy to mess up.
    Ribbon trim down the edge might fix it?

  5. Poo! I'd do what Liza Jane said above - cut a strip of fashion fabric, add interfacing and sew it on as a vertical piece (kind of like a placket) to replace the whole of the front )maybe 2" wide?) Perhaps sew 'n' cut the button holes into it first in case the cutting gremlins strike again too?

    Or make a feature of the whole of the right-hand open edge and add a contrast or even same colour?) narrow bias binding to cover the tear all the way down the length of the skirt just wide enough to cover the tear). Add the bias to the top edge of the waistband too - to tie in the look. For the waistband you'd need to ensure the top edges were raw before adding the bias binding otherwise it'd be way to bulky looking over where the seams join.

  6. So sorry Stevie,
    I actually did the same thing. I made a ginger blouse[Collette pattern]. When I went to rip open my button holes ,I ripped right through. I wanted to "cuss the cat" too..
    So sorry. Hope you find a way to fix it.
    Liza Jane--- thankyou for the tip on the pins.Great idea..I will be doing this from now on.

  7. Sorry.. i meant to say Violet Collette blouse,not ginger the skirt..eeh..


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