Monday, 4 May 2015

Completed: Coral Plantain...

Hi Friendlings, May the Fourth be with you! I hope you are enjoying your Monday, bank holiday for us Brits so we have spent it painting the kitchen almost exactly the same colour it started! 
(Well half of it was blue FYI.)
Anyhoo I'm pretty pleased with it and i'm pleased to say that the sewing drought appears to have broken!

Behold, yet another Deer and Doe Plantain!

I know I know, all the cake, never the icing! Well dear hobbitses, I really love cake and with my new job i'm finding this whole workwear thing particularly tricky to negotiate. This top could go under a cardigan and sneak its way in to work in disguise. I actually got a compliment on my green plantain at work the other day so I will keep these in wardrobe rotation until they fall apart. 
This i'm afraid, means I will indeed be sewing more of them.
This was all done on the overlocker and I have for now left the sleeves and hem with an overlocked edge. I love the shape of Plantain. Not too low, not too short, overall pretty awesome for my body shape which I would currently describe as "podgy".

This is a cheapo jersey from fabricland and  I love the textural aspect of it. It has tiny punctured waves which means it can be a little indecent without a vest top which I am of course wearing (scoundrels!) 

Stats time!

Fabric: Jersey from Fabricland £4 per metre so call it £6
Pattern: Plantain used before £0
Notions: £0
Total: £6
Wearability: 9/10 Simply because I have to bother with a vest top underneath.

Pixel wanted in on the action as per usual. He's been asleep on the painting dust sheet most of the day. But here he is doing his best impression of a sniffer dog.