Thursday, 10 February 2011

Progress on Elie.

I am most definitely making this in a crepe next time and lengthening it considerably! As well as fully lining it! It also needs structure and interfacing. Dita Von Teese looks like a trussed up chick in her dress. Mine does no such thing! Heres her again
I kind of got the basic shape but i needed to extend the bottom of the bust again to gather much much more and be more severe at the corner.

See the wobbly bust? I've pinned it over again but i'm going to be showing far too much I fear.
Sorry for the bulk at the side. My dress form is a size 10 and I am not. So she needed a bit of tucking in but as i'm at my parents house it made sense to use her.
What do you guys think? Worth finishing? I'm tempted to because I have no more projects at home that need doing except some Burda tracing (Boo)

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  1. That looks like so much fun, I hope it turns out great. Now I want one too!


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