Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dreaming of summer...Dream being the operative word!!!

I know I should be thinking about Spring but for some reason I feel in sewing terms my spring plan isn't very cohesive with how i'd like my wardrobe to be. So after seeing this fab image online of the Studio Actors Guild Awards (SAG is a very apt thing to be in my wardrobe,) I decided I would look at making a more decisive plan for summer so I could start to build a capsule wardrobe that wasn't full of black, grey and dull shop bought, ill fitting stuff. This is obviously a dream situation but hey humour me! If I could do nothing but create this I would be a very happy girl. However this is how my indulgence started to snowball... Has a fab thing like a design board so you can put together pallettes and try out different fabrics together. Obviously being in the UK means that I can't really buy from there but it is exceedingly helpful!
Polyvore, and Colette Patterns Blog were also really helpful as Sarai is trying to get everyone to show their spring palette which has given me lots of inspiration.
(If these are your moodboards please leave a comment and I will credit you for them! They were in my inspiration folder which is never labelled!)
The main colours that were appealing to me were Coral, Green, Purple, Mustard, Blue and prehaps a Hot Pink.
If I keep to this colour palette hopefully I can plan to make pieces that are interchangable without being boring.
Chuck from Pushing Daisies is the kind of cutesy but grown up style I admire as well as Emma from Glee
I also want to limit my amount of Print that I wear and make as I'm always tempted to buy printed fabric!
But it means I limit what I can wear considerably. So I'm gonna keep most of my prints to tops and cute summer dresses so I can put them with plain skirts of cardigans.
Here is a few of the full dresses I'm dreaming about...
I want to also put in the Vintage and 1950's ladylike element too!
I've never had a suit before either. So I would like to have one bright colour that I could use together or as seperates. Love Audrey Hepburn's Suit here!
The Final element is going to be PLAIN dresses both full and fitted so I can build on a good base.
I suppose it is all pie in the sky isn't it? But its nice to dream about your perfect wardrobe! Its just a fun ongoing project to build in pieces that will be worn and work over and over again so you can be proud to say I MADE THAT!


  1. I love everything in your post! I'm the same with prints, I buy too many of them and have to start making more plain things. Before I do though I need to know where you found the image of that reddy orange short sleeved top with the overlapping Peter Pan collar (right before your full dress section)? I love it and must make it immediately! Great inspiration. x

  2. Do you know where those coral heels are from? (The ones in the picture with the watch) I am totally in love with them!

  3. love your post! That turquoise blue hat & suit I love!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I don't know Megan but I have some from Schuh that are similar.


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