Thursday, 3 February 2011

Elie Saab!

Hello hello, Its been a bit of a tough week. My aunt passed away on Monday so i'm back at my parents house until the funeral which means, you guessed it! I didn't bring any sewing stuff (except my machine... Duh!) So i've had to improvise I had a few of my mums Prima patterns knocking around and a bit of Wine colour jersey and some greaseproof paper...
Weirdly greaseproof paper makes really good pattern paper! so I adjusted that Prima pattern to mimic this Elie Saab dress I saw Dita Von Teese wearing! It wasn't too difficult just moving the bodice to the side and make a gathered bra style piece.
Beautiful right? I don't want it too low though! So far so good. This is more of a wearable muslin than anything but jersey will help it drape. I also have some beautiful satin i've been waiting to use up so if this works out terrific!
Sorry the photos are so dark! its hard to see the details.

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