Friday, 17 September 2010

Just a quick one. Any one able to thread a Toyota Overlocker?

It seems I am incapable.
After staring at the thing for a good hour, I'm starting to get a panic feeling in the brain area...
Joan Dress needs overlocking for fear it will fray to death,

Apologies for the Whinging


  1. Sometimes you can find the owner booklet for download online which would show you how to thread it. check it out. Good luck with your lady grey, its so fun to make, all those princess seams and top stitching! Your fabric choice is pretty, My first fabric was too stiff but not thick. Yours might be perfect :-)

  2. : ) thanks hun, Problem is I have an owners manual but its sooo complicated. I had an oogle on youtube to see if someone showed you how. (I'm definitely more of a visual "doing" kinda gal,) but no such luck! I think my dad may be able to show me when he gets home. Thank god for computer engineers!
    As for the dreaded Lady Grey, I'm in need of suggestions for lining colours, I'm not always great at sophisticated and I intend to wear it a lot but fancy contrasting...


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