Saturday, 29 October 2011

Starting my Lady Grey...

A year later than planned! But It is getting cold. I asked what you guys thought and Kirsty and Freya both made excellent points for both my Cherry print dress/shirt and Lady Grey coat but the coat won out.
I am intending to overfit just a tiny bit. I want this coat to be worn in the snowy winters so it needs to have enough ease to fit a couple of jumpers underneath!

I started my wearable muslin this afternoon. I'm going to go back through Gertie's posts and do both muslin and final coat complete with padstitching etc. I'm doing this because if all goes well both will be useful coats!

I have to admit I bought a wool on sale to use as my muslin and I think I like it better than the fabric I bought a year ago.
This is my original fabric and lining. The Lining is Paul Smith shirting with little S' on so I figured S for Stevie!
I'm quite short (5ft3) so the coat is currently coming out at mid to knee length. I don't mind this so much as it will keep my legs warmer in the cold weather. Plus once its got the lining bagged in and its hemmed it should be a little shorter. I purposely cut a size larger than I normally do but I have ended up taking it in on each seam by about two sizes!

Before tweaking and taking in the back looked like this...
After it looked much better!

I fitted it to Adele and then tried it on pinned together. The fit is pretty good so far so I'm going to take it apart again and start with the interfacing etc.
This is what I'm thinking of lining my wearable muslin in. Its a japanese glazed cotton. I'm not sure though perhaps it is a bit too busy and bright? I'd love your opinions!

I have a final question for you all! Can you padstitch onto normal interlining? I can't find any hair canvas anywhere and I'm itching to get sewing!


  1. Hi, you could try Vena Cava, or Mcculloch and Wallis for hair canvas. Vena Cava's seevice is pretty good. Good luck with The Lady- even with Gertie's tips I'm still too much of a novice to try it. Your lining fabric looks amazing!

  2. Yay!! Looking good so far :) Hope you solve the padstitch dilemma, unfortunately I'm no help there :(

  3. It is possible to padstitch onto almost anything,although I'm sure that purists will tell you differently. I've done it on a coarse cotton canvas and a linen. No problems.

  4. I learned so much doing that sew along and I was really pleased with my coat at the end. The only suggestion I have is to make sure your fabric has some bulk to it. I used a thinner, sort of floppy wool flannel. It was really difficult to keep all that pad-stitching and catch-stitching from showing, even with the hair canvas. Good luck! I love the plaid you are using for your muslin fabric.

  5. Hehe, I love the lining you've chosen! Sunni from The Fashionable Stitch has a shop with all the hair canvas, horsehair braid and belt kits you might ever want...


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