Sunday, 11 March 2012

Realising Potential: The Sonia Skirt

Here it is as promised! The sneaky peek you got was of my Sonia Skirt! Based on this awesome piece by Sonia Delaunay! 
The colours are the same as my realising potential project! But the real awesomness about this skirt is that its made from two 1950's aprons I got at a vintage fair in Bristol last weekend for £3 each! Making this skirt cost just £6! 
As you can see its also avoided being an orphan! It goes great with my Anthropologie Jumper and I have a lot of orange items I can wear with it as well as a mustard jersey cardi I made a while back!
It looks a bit bulky in the picture due to my jumper being tucked in but it fits surprisingly well! 
I just deconstructed the two aprons and used the strings to make a waistband and facing, stuck a zip in and voila!
I think that although it doesn't count as stashbusting per se, It is taking something already existing on the planet (vintage apron) and making it useful. So I figure that counts.
 I love Sonia Delaunay. She taught at the Bauhaus School in Germany with her Husband Robert and did some amazing fabric and clothing designs!


  1. Nice skirt and those aprons were a great find. It is a good thing to use resources that we already have. I'm trying to do that too.

  2. That fabric is awesome. Cute skirt!

  3. I love that you used aprons and came out with such a fabulous, vibrant piece. Well done!!

  4. Beautiful skirt! I'd never heard of Sonia Delaunay before, but I really like her stuff from what I've seen in this post.


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