Monday, 12 November 2012

Winter Pattern Wishlists...

Of all of you getting to be all sewy and awesome creative right now!
I'm checking up on my blogs  daily and have a serious case of sewist jealousy,
There are so many patterns i'm loving right now, so although i'm not sewing I'm going to show you my cheeky little sewing pattern wishlist for winter.
 Deer and Doe First, Airelle, Pavot and Sureau. All so useful! I love the little gathers on Airelle. All of these would be super useful pieces.
Although Sureau and Darling Ranges are similar, I think there is room for both in my wardrobe, I really love Megan Nielson's aesthetic, its unfussy yet brilliantly stylish! I'm also coveting her Kelly skirt and Banksia top which I used as inspiration before it was even developed as a pattern, Fancy that!

Next up my love for Sewholic continues with the Thurlow's. I have reserved judgement on the Alma top simply because i'm not sure its for me. But I could see myself wearing these classic trousers a lot.
 Ah. Amy Butler, This has been on my list for a long time but I think it has a particularly wintery feel to it. Great to use with prints or plain fabrics.
 Kind of like the Washi dress. I have been waiting to get my mitts on this one! Especially in that fabric,
 The salme blazer is so elegant and stylish. I think it would match any of these patterns i've chosen, make it in a plain colour fabric and your good to go!
I also think Grainline is really coming into its own too. I wish they had more patterns! The Moss skirt is just what I need in winter with thick tights and boots. Maybe paired with Scout tee, Mini pocket Tank Layering combo?

I could go on! There is so much inspiration out there right now and i'm itching to get sewing! However,  life is getting very busy right now and i've just come down with a grotty, heavy cold. Nich so gut as my dad would say.
I will return with more house photos soon, we have two rooms almost completed!
Keep Sewing, I'm loving everything I see right now, I'm enjoying living vicariously through all my bloggy friends! x