Saturday, 30 April 2011

Something Blue FINISHED...

Ok, So this was meant to be for the blogger meetup but I have decided to unveil it early.
I wore this for the Royal Wedding and was hemming it at 8am frantically before going to a party.
This is Lisette 2209 the cute dress with cross darts on the bodice. I don't think having a patterned fabric on the top made the most of the darts and I think the cotton was a bit thin. But it is flattering.
I didn't have chance to line it but I should have really, It looks nice on but It ended up a bit tight on the waist.
I've also used this as my Sew Weekly Hat outfit, I paired it with my white 1950s hat for a kind of sailory vibe.
I've decided that It was too rushed to wear for the blogger meetup. So any suggestions for another Red White and Blue outfit, let me know!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Me Made June 11

'I, Stevie of,
sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11.
I endeavour to wear one handmade item each day for the duration of June 2011'

Phew. I had better get cracking then! Otherwise June could be a very boring month!
I have finished (bar the zip, hem and armholes) My red white and blue dress. A few sneaky pictures later but i'm keeping it mainly under wraps until the London Blogger Meet.

After my little moodboards I immediately panicked when I made this pledge. 30 days!? How the hell am I going to do that!?
Out of everything I have made and everything I have planned to make so far I've worked out that it gives me... 7 dresses 4 skirts 3 tops 1 cardigan and 1 pair of trousers. When I wrote that, it seems quite a lot but I am a fussy one when it comes to my clothes, I have to be honest I'm more of a jeans and cardi girl. (Unless its winter and I can have wooly tights) I feel somewhat exposed in a dress even though I love them!
I am thinking the antidote could be knit tops and quick make ones at that! That way I can pair it with jeans most days without pushing my comfort zone too much this time around.
Heres all the top pattern contenders I own. I'm also thinking a fre cardi's like this New Look pattern,

Hopefully most of these can be made in multi versions like this one which would diversify my wardrobe and quickly! So I could bulk cut and make in batches.

I've never done a cowl neck but it was one of the pieces i'd really like to own, they are comfy and effortlessly stylish?
What are you planning for Me Made June?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Contemplation: Re-evaluating the sewing queue...

I have been thinking... (whats new?) About where I am in my list of garments.
I have also been trying to find a way to collate all my images and stuff and have been trying out ways of creating a theme that fits with the rest of the blog. So here is a few of the garments I've made recently including the Macaron, Lyra, Pearl and Elie dresses, my Mona skirt and Market top!
I thought it would be nice to put together the line drawings of my most recent plan! I have finished 3 of the five.
Here is the group of patterns I intend to make in the next few weeks. But of course most of them are multi view so you lot can't see exactly which garments I want. So I decided to put some together with the fabric and any inspiration I have so here goes...
This is the Lisette dress that I intend to make for the blogger meetup after my disaster with the patterned fabric. I'm making version A with the floral red as the bodice and the royal blue as the skirt.
Next I have Simplicity 2936 Which I have already cut in a lavender poplin as a wearable muslin but it is in preparation for this yummy cotton and silk mix that I bought on the Brighton meetup. All I could say when I bought it was, "I can see full/bell sleeves, I don't know why..." Turns out I had this in my head!
One of my goals I've decided on for pushing myself is making myself a pair of straight legged jeans that fit! Tall order as most ready to wear jeans don't fit! I'm trying McCalls 5142 because they sit above the waist. I'm using this pink ish twill but this is definitely a wearable muslin!
I'm trying so hard to stay on the seperates wagon here. So I also got some purple needlecord in Brighton and thought of the Colette Beignet skirt... The problem? I haven't got the pattern yet because of my aversion to buttonholes! But in the words of Zoe "You just got to get over it" She is right. Once I've practised I'm sure I'll wonder why the hell I worried.
Finally this is one of my little treat dresses! I have loved this hot pink dress and of course everything from the costume dept of Pushing Daisies, and I saw this Lisette Traveller dress in my stash and thought it would really suit the style and colour. I haven't yet got the fabric but this is one I will be on the lookout for in the next blogger meetup in london.
So what do we think? Are the mood boards helping you visualise like me?
I still have my Art Deco skirt to do as well as my Lavender Simplicity 2936, I also have to put the loops and buttons onto Simplicity 2601, (Viola Shirt) But then who doesn't have UFO's?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is full of chocolate and roast dinners like I am!
No sewing going on today but I wanted to do a post about Yellow!
Its a colour I love but I very rarely wear. It makes me think of Spring and Sunshine and Doris Day!
Isn't she cute? Here is a few yellow dresses that caught my eye today!

Chuck from Pushing Daisies had a fantastic group of Yellow Dresses!
When I was at Primary School, In the Summer, I used to wear a uniform similar to this! I wondered how I could interpret it in a nice stylish grownup way...

Happy Easter again.
Have a fab evening!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Panic! Stupid Mistake Alert!

Today I just started setting up my Tunic stuff after getting some Royal Blue cotton for the contrast and Disaster struck!
I had labelled the pattern fabric as 1.51 but in reality it was 1.15!!!!
This was an enormous problem. I decided to try the contrast in a pattern and a plain blue tunic. But in my mind it just doesn't look right. So the choices were plain blue tunic or find new fabric AGAIN!
After a bit of swearing and cussing myself for writing it wrong, I reconvened and had a good think on what I could do.
I have bought 3metres of Royal Blue Polycotton.
I looked at the Lisette Pattern for the Passport dress... and yes thank god. If I did the contrast version of the dress it only needs 1.10m for the bodice (cutting it fine I know...)
Alternatively I thought of the Macaron from Colette. The contrast for this is something small, and there is enough detail to carry the plain blue fabric.

I'm annoyed because I wanted to try something different from the full skirt ladylike things I normally gravitate towards. However I was also planning on wearing it for the Royal Wedding and we would all like to look ladylike for that occasion.
I'm gravitating towards the Passport pattern.
What do you think?

Friday, 22 April 2011

Built By Wendy Patterns WHERE ARE YOU?!

Evening my lovelies (or various other time specific greeting!)
I know my pattern wants are beyond ridiculous! But I have seen these awesome Simplicity Built By You patterns for comfy everyday wear. As you all well know, It is not unusual for me to covet whole sets of patterns (Take the Lisette ones for example.)
But I can't find these anywhere for sale in the UK.

Granted the Simplicity UK site is down for maintenance, but still nowhere else is selling them!
This could be an indifferent moan if the Simplicity UK site has them but nevertheless!
Bask in the cuteness with me people! My birthday is coming up soon! Prehaps Mummy and Daddy will take pity on me,
I mean who doesn't need a Peter Pan Collared dress?! I mean Really!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lisette 2211 Barcelona Feedsack Market top... Done!!!

New Top, New Hair! I'm back blonde and have finished my Lisette 2211 Simplicity Market top!
I have to say I literally love it. I had little to no problems and it was done super fast.
I used a cute little floral stretchy unknown fabric I bought in Barcelona for 1.30 euro. The stretch was the only thing relating to problems in this construction.
Wonky! This was partly me not reading the instructions and leaving the yoke bits until last not doing them first. The stretch also means some of the topstitching is a little wonky but never the less I really do love it!
This is so comfy and perfect for jus chucking on! This is a definitely flattering pattern and I would love to make it in a range of colours and fabrics.
This has been a great few days! I have managed to complete two tops and a dress! I have bought with me 4 more projects. My art deco skirt, another top, my red white (in need of blue) tunic and straight legged pink jeans to do. I don't think they will all happen as my fabric scissors are back in Brighton but I would be super happy if I could get one more project done.
I am up to 8 Garments in my goal to finish 10 this year. Already! Maybe I should think about participating in a Me Made Month soon?
Also I would love some help on a good name for this top! Mine is RUBBISH