Sunday, 11 August 2013

Completed! Charcoal Polka Dot Archer...

Hi all, I'm back with a finished item, I know! With all the puppy craziness and everything!
This is another and much improved version of Grainline's Archer Shirt in this lovely light cotton I got at Walthamstow for around £3 a metre! It was inspired by this stunning shirt I'd pinned ages ago. 
I think its a pretty good copy, mine might be a little better! After all I doubt that shirt has the lovely back gather that the Archer has! That being said, I made a few big changes from the last time I made it. This is two sizes smaller than I made before. It fits at the bust but only just. The rest is a much closer fit but without being a fitted style of blouse I think this is as good as its going to be. I also shortened the sleeves by 4 inches. They are still too long but I intend to wear them rolled up anyway so i'm not too worried.
 I used lovely buttons I bought at Liberty an age ago. They are special without detracting from the shirt itself. This photo is the closest to represent the colour too. Its almost identical to the Pinterest Inspiration.
After making this shirt twice heres some Tips I'd give you for making an Archer:
  • Take your time! Theres a lot of steps but everyone one is important and worth doing right.
  • This pattern uses up squillions of thread! I ran out mid way through so make sure you get two small or one large spool!
  • Don't underestimate pressing! It greatly improves the look of a seam that at first looked wonky!
  • Grade your seams as close as you can! This seems like a scary thing to do but when your turning and topstitching your cuffs and collar it gives you a lovely crisp finish.
  • This shirt runs huge! It is supposed to be loose fitting but if your not sure thats what you want make a muslin of the bodice pieces. They are the quickest bits to put together!

Here's my stats:
Fabric: 2.5m of Light Charcoal Cotton from Walthamstow £7.50
Notions: Thread in stash plus having to buy more £3.55
Pattern: Grainline Archer already in stash £0.00
Wearability: 10/10! I'm thrilled with how this turned out and I can see it being a staple in my wardrobe. Grey is a great neutral for me and looks great with a variety of colours already in my wardrobe. I really love the look of it with my Turquoise Boden Jeans!
I see a lot more Archers in my future. I have a turquoise cotton stashed ready to make myself a short sleeved version! I find the Grainline Patterns so wearable and they always shine as real wardrobe staples for me. I can't wait to get the Blazer pattern!
To Conclude here is the cutest picture of Pixel to date!