Wednesday, 22 July 2015

We've Decided on Forever...

Morning Lovelies!
Thought I'd drop in to tell you a little, but very exciting story... 
Turns out Piemaker is more romantic than I could ever have imagined!
On the 9th of May this year I turned 25. Piemaker treated me to a day out in London, Kew gardens no less! I had been desperate to visit, so I was already thrilled that it was my birthday treat. 
We walked for a while until we came upon the jewel in Kew's crown. The Palm House. We gazed at it and marvelled as it was better in real life than we had imagined. ( If you have never seen the palm house at Kew its the amazing building in the photo above.) I have always loved gardens and history and so Kew has always been significant for me. It links me to lovely family memories of gardens and my grandparents, as well as my degree in Fashion and Design History and of course my current obsession with my allotment.

This is where Piemaker stopped me and told me he had brought a birthday present for me to open here.
A little bemused, I opened it. It was a little wooden box Piemaker had decorated with photos of us, Pixel Pug and our little house. On the front of the box were our names and the date.
He asked me to open it...
When I opened the box inside was a little grey velvet box...
When I looked over at Piemaker. He is down on one knee in the middle of Kew Gardens, 
Reader, he asked me to marry him!

As you can tell after a few tears, I said yes!

After telling all our friends and family (Some of whom already knew, he sneakily asked my parents permission!) I had coincedentally booked us onto a little break in Paris two weeks later. This is where we decided to do our announcement photos!

We had a fabulous time! I've been to Paris lots over the years but it was amazing showing Piemaker sights and places that I love. We did the usual tourist thing, Eiffel Tower, Tuileries Palace, Louvre, but also Flower Markets and a particularly awesome bar called Dernier bar avant la fin du monde. 
Geekery Personified!

My ring is stunning! He looked on Etsy and had a lady design and handmake it. Its rose gold (my favourite!) with diamonds and a peach sapphire in the middle when we got home we took some photos to try and do it justice...
Those macaroons were from Monmartre and were delicious by the way!
I have now got 6 weeks of school holidays so here's hoping I can get some sewing done in amongst the gardening and wedding planning!