Monday, 30 April 2012

Preparing for MMM'12...

Its that time again! I can't believe its come around so fast! I'm exited but slightly wary of doing my third try at a me-made month. I'd have liked to have been at a point by now where I could pledge to wear everything handmade for a month. However due to weight loss and the general falling out of love you get with certain items from your earlier skill levels (look at those darts!?!) I have far less than I would like.
I have pledged to wear one item per day. Easy? Perhaps... If most of my me-mades fit the same as they did last year. I have a few re-fashions that will be popping up and if I can get my act together hopefully a couple of new items. My UFO list is to the floor!

However this sort of challenge does gets you thinking about your consumption...
I have a LOT of clothes. That being said, most are second hand, bought in sales and good quality, gifts or handmade.
Is it just me? I now find it difficult to shop at all! Today I found myself in Chichester.
(its fabulous you should visit!) Full of upmarket shops and cafe's. I wandered for a good few hours, in and out of shops. The ones that tempted (Kew, Jigsaw,) were astronomically out of my price range and the rest I just didn't have a desire for. Even going to C&H (fabric and wool shop, kind of like an old fashioned department Store.) I was not swayed easily by remnants and half price knitting patterns.
My only purchase? A pair of brand new (tags on) purple jeans and blue bangle from the charity shop (6.50+50p) Hey! Posh place generally means good charity shops!
Needless to say I can't be saved!
Good Luck for Tomorrow MMM'er's as I said last time...

                                             "At Dawn We Dress Handmade!"

Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Vogue's Verdict...

Well this time around i'm not in love with much! 
This could have something to do with the fact I'm trying to get less fantasy more workable into my wardrobe (In Tasia's words less icing more cake)
I guess it depends on how other people interpret the designs later on.
Above and below is Vogue 8810. I don't like how this looks on the model but it could just be her pose. I think this could be a very workable dress for summer, easy to throw on and go.

Next is Vogue 1308 the DKNY Jumpsuit. I think its cute and I like the asymmetry but if you look at the back view its not the most flattering pants. 

 This  Vogue 8815 is the only one I could see having serious potential to be awesome. Basic Peplum t-shirt?! Excellent! As we all know I do love a peplum and the option of the hi-lo hemline also called to me!

 Lastly is Vogue 8822. This just screams summer comfort to me. Not sure if the shorts with a drawstring would be particularly flattering but I can totally see this being a great holiday outfit. The styling of the pink top and chino style short is also pretty classic!

 So what did you think of the new Vogue Patterns?

Monday, 23 April 2012

Not the Reveal I Was Going For...

Well, Did you guess what it was yet? It was a Parfait! I had cut this out to be a wearable muslin not expecting to like it as much as I do! The fabric was from the Brighton swap and I had loads of it. Its a cute fine needlecord (Babycord?) 
I sewed it up Saturday.
Thinking I'd checked my measurements I cut a straight size 10 (american size, roughly a 14)
It was a brave step as I normally cut American size 16 (UK 20) and end up taking in EVERYWHERE. 
To my surprise 

This happened. Ironically the skirt fit perfectly but I failed to remember that now I'm a 12-14 uk on top, this means I should really be doing FBA's. 
Again the cutting bigger generally meant I got out of them. 
Here's the extent of the problem from the right side. 
I have enough fabric to cut the bodice again but I wanted a quick satisfying project.
Oh well. At least its not sunny enough to wear it yet!
In other news I've started my first ever serious Knitting project!
Debbie Bliss Andes Cardigan!

Its cute no? 
Its knitting up pretty slow and I keep running into problems when im k3tog.
(knitting three stitches together)
Its looking like i've dropped a stitch on the next row after that. 
I know I haven't though. 
Any Idea's welcome
Here's my progress so far!

 I'm using an Artisano washable merino and its fabulous! I have a feeling I could get hooked on knitting as badly as I am on sewing! Watch this space!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

In Progress or Reveals?...

I was thinking about this as I worked on a new project. At the start of my blog it was all about the journey, in progress pictures and lots of talk. Recently I've been pushing more for the "Oh look what I made" kind of post. No introduction just straight to the reveal.

So I wondered... What do you, my lovely readers prefer? Do you like reading about the process or would you just prefer to see lots of newly made pretty clothes?

Would love your opinion!

(Just to hint the next project is a colette pattern...)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Life Update...

Still no sewings around these parts I'm afraid! Dissertation is due Friday although I've handed it in hooray! Then we start on exams... On May 2nd I have a three hour then a week long exam that ends on my Birthday  :( When I will be getting copiously drunk and eating three times my body weight in cake.

I've been pining after sewing but on my only clear day I chose to tidy bits of the house. A practise all but forgotten since around the start of my dissertation.
When I last went to Bristol I cut the pieces for Colette Parfait from some cute blue needlecord from the Brighton swap. Hopefully if I get a quiet night I can start sewing it together. I'm hoping its a quick and easy make as I want to get cracking on at least one thing before MMM12
 Anyway for a little eye candy I thought you'd like to know what I've been crushing on :

Pattern Runway's Scalloped Shorts for when I'm at target!
This amazing Tsumori Chisato trench coat
Hot Pink Jeans!
                                                          With Dip Dyed Ombre tops!
                                                                    Have a lovely day!!! x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Reminded Why I Sew...

After my moan about not being productive, I did in fact sort out 4 refashions/mending items that had been lolling around forever. I'm keeping them as little reveals through MMM12 just to keep it a bit fresh. Not that any are super interesting just your standard fixing of zips, taking in thrifted items and what not.

My Anthropologie order I mentioned came today and although I adore Anthro I couldn't help but be a teeny bit disappointed. One of the tops I ordered never arrived, and out of 8 items I only wanted to keep 4.
I was reminded of why I sew, one of the tops was a cheap spandexy material and had overlocker thread hanging out of the seam between the armhole and the sleeve. Original price? £68! SIXTY EIGHT POUNDS!? It was fabric I could pick up at Goldhawk for £2.50, sew together in an hour or so and still get a better result! It was a tenner in the sale but regardless I didn't want to pay that for it when I saw it. 4 items didn't wow me. I bought all mediums and two were oversized hot messes. The items I kept were the most expensive but worth their price. I feel like I have a nice level wardrobe for now.

I'm the first to admit I have an addictive personality and I love beautiful things.
I've had to restrain myself from clicking the buy button on the new Colette patterns and some fabric to match. At first I wasn't wowed. But Colette are very good at making simple shapes and classic design. My brain needed some time to catch up with creative ideas. The two dresses are sweet. A bit two shoulder happy for me at my current size but a cardi would fix that. I've seen some great gray Liberty poplin that would make Hazel look fabulous!
 Then to the Iris shorts... Shorts that actually cover your thigh?! Excellent! I really need a pair just like this for summer. Although British summers don't usually involve much shorts wearing. They are just simple enough to make up in a hot pink twill and look amazing!
this last image of the Lily sort of won me over. Lavender is so not my colour. (Bridesmaid nightmares) but I have recently bought an aqua cardi like this and the combination is stunning... Hmmm Better hide my Debit card...

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Do You Worry About Being Productive?...

This last month or so has been super busy for me, a new job and the beginning of the end of my uni course. I've been bogged down in dissertation and paperwork and it looks to me like that isn't going to change for another couple of months.
Through all of it though i've been feeling guilty that I haven't sewn as much as I wanted too. Plus I feel bad there has been few reveal's or in progress posts on the blog.
 But I know whatever I'd make would be rushed and subsequently not worn.

Sewing is my escape but it is also a way to procrastinate away from my work. I have big plans like the starlet suit but I feel bad putting them on hold.
Quick projects are usually the answer but time wise I'm really struggling to fit it in right now.
So I wondered, Do you ever feel guilty for not being sewing productive?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Me Made May 2012

I, Stevie of Beebee's Vintage Dress am signing up as a participant of Me Made May '12.
I endeavour to wear one item of handmade or re-fashioned clothing each day for the duration of May 2012.

Me Made Months always seem to fall on a busy month for me. Last year in June I was moving house, This year all of my exams and final university work falls in May. Not always the best time to be concentrating on a me made month. Plus I have a lot of clothing that is now too big for me.
But I am taking it as what it is, a challenge.
 I'm taking this as a test of my capsule wardrobe ideas, I want to be able to plan a few outfits ahead of time and I have a higher volume of wearable clothes than I did last year.
Here's to a good one!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Quality V Quantity...

I know I have a bigger stash than most. But recently i'm finding it difficult to shop my stash and end up with a good quality product. I feel as though its been picked over and the quality of some of it isn't inspiring me. As I learnt more about fabric the cheap jerseys and polycotton's just aren't my thing anymore. I'd rather pay a bit more and end up with a piece I love than make 10 i'm not quite happy with.

This puts me in a tricky place. The UK isn't very versatile when it comes to fabric shopping. I've been looking on places like Harts Fabrics and Gorgeous Fabrics both of which I love. But is it worth the shipping?
This Quality thing is something I also find with clothing. I LOVE Anthropologie but to pay £68 for a t-shirt is insane no matter where it comes from. I wait for sales. I am going to be honest and tell you that I spent nearly £300 in the sales for 9 items. But I've saved myself £400! £700 for 9 items? Unless us mere mortals win the lottery for most of us that is a step too far.
This leads me to think was it ever worth the original price? I then feel guilty about paying for anything expensive at all!
Do you have these inner struggles when it comes to expensive clothing or fabric?