Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Boxing Day! How Was Your Christmas?

Hope everyone has had a peaceful and Happy Christmas, I know I did! I have a few snaps as it's Boxing Day and I'm bored sat drinking tea and want to show just a few of my presents and my effort with both (Yes BOTH) of my Trees!
Tree No.1 was in our living room and I managed to put it up 3 days before Christmas, It was a Traditional Red and White colour scheme I really loved it!
This is my crazy fresh tree! This is my more quirky creation and normally I adore it. This year I didn't so much. but my parents were lovely and bought me a few more baubles to fit my personality and to add to my old friends!
This little Brolly has been in my Christmas box for years! my tree wouldn't be mine without it!
The Same goes for my art deco ladies of which I have 3 dotted about, One has the cutest Cloche hat! Then come the new arrivals. One bought by me and my boyfriend at the Christmas Market in Bath handpainted, and my Parent's gift of a crocheted Teapot!
As well as this spangly sparkly peacock!
Now onto the Presents!
Text Colour
All my fab books! I always get books at Christmas but this year Santa outdid himself! I got lots of baking and cake related books, as well as baking paraphenalia (Doilies and piping set!) one book was on craftspeople and their creative spaces, one on how to sell you own crafts on "The Handmade Marketplace" and
Blogging for Bliss!!! Brilliant!
I also ended up with a new dress, a new cardi, a beret, Colette's Macaron pattern among others. For the eagle eyed among you, you may have noticed the box underneath the books... Yes my big present was a new MACBOOK PRO!!!! I was gobsmacked I didn't ask for it it was a total surprise from my darling parents.
Now Im off to continue working my way through the chocolate Vase, Just like my Auntie!
Have a Fab Day whatever your doing! xxxx

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I love it when Styles Correspond to patterns

I've had this image in my stockpile for ages and there was always something about the shape that was familiar but it has just dawned on me.
Of course its of Christina Hendricks, I think my interest in her is now bordering on unhealthy obsession :S
But it is almost identical to a Cynthia Rowley pattern for simplicity! A quick Google search revealed others that have interpreted this pattern.
If I was lucky enough to get this pattern for Christmas I think I would try it in a Royal Blue wool similar to the pattern envelope. What would you use?

A Question of Elegance

Glamour and Elegance are two things I strive for and would love to be all of the time. Sadly most of us know that feeling that nice and having the money and savvy to be able to do that is limited to few on this planet!
But still heres a few lovely ladies that look amazing!
As well as a few outfits I would love to own,
Dresses for me are a key item for my wardrobe, as a curvy girl it doesn't break up the line of my figure in the same way that trousers do. As well as fit much better!
( My waist is much smaller than my hips and they never fit my waist!)
Dresses exude feminity and charm. The better the fit and quality the more glamourous in my view, Fit is all important just like this one made by Alana from Lazystitching
I love the cut of this dress and how versatile it is. Plus very elegant!
Going onto separates, I love skirts but I don't own enough! They look chic and ladylike!
I beleive glamour and elegance are not about flaunting every ounce of skin but covering up and wrapping your assets and looking fab!
I hope everyone has a Fabulous Christmas and New Year! Hopefully I will post in between but I wanted to thank you all for reading my Blog this year and hope I can keep entertaining you throughout the next! Especially Thanks to my followers! It makes me smile that people actually want to regularly read my ramblings!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Outfit Post and Record Bowls!

Today has been a semi productive day. Sadly on the sewing front, my machine has had to be left in Brighton over Christmas so its hand sewing only for a bit im afraid. However I have tried to be crafty in other ways such as making my brother some bowls made from records as he is a music aficionado with his own room in our house for the task.

Super easy and super cheap if you haven't had a tutorial already I will post one on up later in the week!
In other news, Ive had my hair sorted out and cut nicely back into a kind of early 60's bob. I quite like it and have bought a fabuloso christmas dress that will suit it perfectly. It is a total shameless attempt to copy Joan as per usual but I think the hair may help.
Heres a teaser of the style I was aiming at, Joan in the center.

But you will all have to wait until my Christmas and New Years photos to see my version!
In the meantime here is a little outfit post, bit boring I know but the skirt is a new M&S raspberry wool skirt with purple woven through and a lovely inverted pleat and I love it so much I had to share.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Kirstie Allsopp: Style Inspiration

I Adore Kirstie Allsopp! She is so cute, lovely and has a wicked way of dressing herself.
I love her sassy housewife look and how put together yet comfortable she always looks.
For American and non UK readers Kirstie Allsopp is a TV presenter on Location Location Location a property buying show and more recently has started a show called Kirstie's homemade home which encourages people to buy antiques and second hand and to try out crafts.
If you haven't seen Kirstie in action Channel4 has it online to watch, I love that she isn't a teeny tiny waif but she is not afraid of bright colours, vintage prints and crazy tights! Her craft Ideas are always brilliant and she takes people to try out different processes with British designer makers creating them a few handmade pieces to have in their home.
Phil Spencer, shown here is her partner in crime on Location Location Location. I love this dress and I would love to know where to get it. It reminds me of a Natasha Bailey fabric I've seen recently!
She mentions in an interview she loves Jaeger a classic brand! This coat is a really lovely simple classic thing id love to have in my wardrobe.
I think her style is a way to look effortless, ladylike and kool without looking over dressed or tarty! I'm definitely taking up some of her outfit ideas for the festive season!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmassy stuff and Sewing Flunk.

Ok So yesterday I had a lovely time crafting with some of my friend at their flat. I got on with my Christmas pressies and grabbed a fab purple cotton and some gold fabric paint. For an undisclosed Christmas present.

Using a cake stencil ( It made sense I knock stencil's all over the place!) I dabbed on gold paint and continued until I had a snowflake pattern.

Voila! I'm quite pleased with it. It reminds me of a very expensive Jaeger fabric I bought back in college. I still have a meter left but I dont dare waste it!
I also went back to a nostalgic craft for me and cross stitched a Merry Christmas tag that can go into the bag. I wanted it to look kind of shabby chic scandinavian style and It took forever but I'm pleased with how it turned out!

I have enough of the purple fabric left to make a skirt and thats what I intended to do today. However I cut out the skirt pattern, laid out all the fabric had to position and fiddle to fit on the fabric. All of a sudden I decided against it like a timid little mouse scampering away in fright.
This keeps happening when I start a project and im not entirely sure why! This isn't expensive fabric, 1.99 per meter I just panic and put it away... Weird
So alas it was abandoned and I got out the knitting I have been avoiding since June. I've never been good at knitting i'm too impatient but i've been at it pretty much all day and its practically doubled in size! I would love to properly learn how to knit jumpers etc but again "The Fear" defeats me.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Obligatory snow post

This was definitely not here when I went to sleep. They said weather warning. I didn't believe them.

That would be my untouched garden.
So until I decide to venture outside in my wellies on the search for some red fabric to potato print, I thought I'd share a few bits of my christmas list with you!
(It also acts as a reminder to my lovely darling family that I want Presents not 'suprises' this year)
My Priority Present this year is the Augustine Dress by Hobbs
I've been Lusting over it for ages!

Years subscription to Burdastyle! Lets face it who doesn't?!

Wool Mittens by Gudrun Sjoden. How Pretty are these!? they look so warm and snuggly!
Plus I asked for them last year and didn't get them *Sad Face*
With Mittens there must be a hat. I have tried this one from accesorize on a million times and a Red beret it a design classic perfect for *ahem* Snowy weather!
Then come the sewing presents

Vogue's design by Rebecca Taylor! I have yet to do a Shirt since college and this one looks Fab!
( Half Price sale on too, Just in case you have a lovely seamstress in your life
or you are a very greedy one like me!)

Sew Liberated's picnic blouse and wrap dress. It looks so comfy and reminds me of springtime. could look cute in a lemony yellow printed cotton.
and finally I should never be allowed on Volksfaden EVER

How beautiful is this!?! I'm envisioning with 4 meters a full skirted shirtdress!
Well that's my Christmas List. What's yours like?