Thursday, 16 December 2010

Outfit Post and Record Bowls!

Today has been a semi productive day. Sadly on the sewing front, my machine has had to be left in Brighton over Christmas so its hand sewing only for a bit im afraid. However I have tried to be crafty in other ways such as making my brother some bowls made from records as he is a music aficionado with his own room in our house for the task.

Super easy and super cheap if you haven't had a tutorial already I will post one on up later in the week!
In other news, Ive had my hair sorted out and cut nicely back into a kind of early 60's bob. I quite like it and have bought a fabuloso christmas dress that will suit it perfectly. It is a total shameless attempt to copy Joan as per usual but I think the hair may help.
Heres a teaser of the style I was aiming at, Joan in the center.

But you will all have to wait until my Christmas and New Years photos to see my version!
In the meantime here is a little outfit post, bit boring I know but the skirt is a new M&S raspberry wool skirt with purple woven through and a lovely inverted pleat and I love it so much I had to share.


  1. I do love a good inverted pleat. The new hair looks fab :)

  2. Great hair....can you imagine being Peggy in a room with Joan and Betty, those two are such bombshells. I just watched the last episode of season three on the net and loved it, Betty is finally leaving the permanently cheating Don! That green dress is amazing.

  3. Petal I know I'm catching up on the last and final season I'm holding off on finishing it because I love it sooo much!
    Thankyou both for your lovely compliments :)


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