Thursday, 30 September 2010

Things I want to make...

I have a folder on my computer in which I put images for sewing inspiration.
Today the number of images stands at 580.
There is a lot of inspiration out there, but it isn't being very productive on my computer.
What does everyone think of putting a look-book together of different things that inspire you Vintage or style wise? Perhaps a shared flikr or something, I think the blogging community would be surprised how many bloggers do make an impact on other readers and bloggers styles. I am definitely inspired by a lot of you and a lot of your outfits and handmade garments are certainly lurking in my inspirational folder.

Here is a few bits from my inspiration, (i'll post links to the bloggers)

Sometimes I put things in there that look similar to patterns I already own,
Sometimes its for colour or the shape of the neckline, skirt, bodice etc

Other times it's just someone inspiring who is clever about dressing to portray an image, Michelle Obama is a constant as well as Jackie O, Carla Bruni, Grace Kelly, Princess of Denmark and of course the Queen and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.
Then of course there is fab bloggers who's style is a massive influence on me especially when the garments have been imagined for themselves!

Catwalk is an obvious one, but I don't take anywhere near as much notice of it as I used to. Its only ever one or two things from a collection nowadays. I think finding a style that suited me helped as I am not an ultra modern girl. I like to think Classic is much more befitting.

Fashion ages, Style doesn't
Just putting these up, it astonishes me that theres such a range of sources for Inspiration, Bloggers, Magazine shoots, TV, Film, Fashion, Bands and Music, Public Figures, Old photos, Dress patterns, Illustrations, Celebrities, Museums.
But I think that I find people, individuals the most inspiring. I love how everybody is different but I also love that there is people that love what i'm into too.
Having common ground with people is lovely and i'm really glad I started this blog
Thankyou to everyone that reads it!

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Today I organized my fabric and sewing life.

And realised I need to get stashbusting

I couldn't believe how many ribbons and trims I have that need to be used up. Any suggestions?
I sorted my fabrics into lightweight box and heavy box so I can go straight to what I want. I also decided to finish some outstanding projects such as a self designed "Simple City Dress," (a lyric by the late great Jeff Buckley) which is a pale brown with biscuit polka dot as well as my Chanel inspired Parisian dress I blogged about here.
In a green and beige tweed. Which by the appearance of my overlocker is no longer fraying into nothingness. Pictures to come soon!

Oh and here is today's Horrickses Pics

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Well on a crazy snap decision I decided to go to London on my onesie yesterday to see the Horrickses exhibition in the fashion and textile museum. I know there has been a million posts about it from us southerners but a girl can't help it!
So I took photos of every single thing in the museum as my mama and grandma wanted to go but didn't make it.
So hopefully this post is some things you haven't seen on the other posts about it.
(however some of the best bits will be the same.)
Its major pic heavy so to not dissapoint you I will add in another photo with each post I do until all of them are up! Heres a few top ones!

I'm obsessed Its another Joan Holloway number!
The Designs were so beautiful next to the fabric samples, this exhibition focused a lot on the fabric design.
I think this was my favorite 3 dresses in. Love to find a way to repro it!
These designs make me very ashamed of my scribble paper

The movement in them are fantastic!

Grey and yellow isn't a combo I think about too often but it looks amazing.
for the sensible among us!
The evening dresses are a whole other story for another day
Happy Saturday

Thursday, 23 September 2010

My Etsy Shop is up!

After realising how big a collection of sewing and knitting patterns I have (I can't really knit at all!)
I have started up my Etsy Shop "EvelynNouveau"
Heres a few bits and bobs i've put up today. More to come though!

Plenty more on the shop but will keep updating I have a million and one bits to do!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Grace Kelly Exhibition

I went to the Grace Kelly exhibition in the V&A London... One of the best fashion exhibitions i've ever been to...
Partly because It had my top film costumes, High society! Sooo amazing!
The top photo was a dress designed by Edith Head, Just the most lovely LBD!

Then the green suit was a simple but effective ensemble worn to a luncheon at the White House with JFK!

Her style was so beautiful and understated and it mentioned that she wore white gloves all the time from when she was an Irish Catholic girl.
The Icing on the cake for me was this fab white and blue striped dress worn in my favorite film High Society!
I was totally not expecting it which is what made it so good!
The pic is a bit crappy sorry,

Here is Grace wearing it in the film

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Finally... The Joan Dress!

It's here finally! not quite finished, there is still overlocking to be done and tweaks on the bust, the skirt, darts and hem but hey!
(please ignore the state of this room but I was too exited to wait!)
I'm feeling Sophia Loren, mid sixties in this dress, less so Joan.

But still I am really pleased with it. But my pattern adjustments were miles too big so I think it could be worth just buying the pattern again so I can cut out the 20. It had to be taken in a lot so thats why its taken so long to post!
Its very wearable, very comfortable and I am so happy with the fabric (after overlocking)
Heres the pattern again

Lowering the neckline was a good plan definately,
heres the back!