Saturday, 25 September 2010


Well on a crazy snap decision I decided to go to London on my onesie yesterday to see the Horrickses exhibition in the fashion and textile museum. I know there has been a million posts about it from us southerners but a girl can't help it!
So I took photos of every single thing in the museum as my mama and grandma wanted to go but didn't make it.
So hopefully this post is some things you haven't seen on the other posts about it.
(however some of the best bits will be the same.)
Its major pic heavy so to not dissapoint you I will add in another photo with each post I do until all of them are up! Heres a few top ones!

I'm obsessed Its another Joan Holloway number!
The Designs were so beautiful next to the fabric samples, this exhibition focused a lot on the fabric design.
I think this was my favorite 3 dresses in. Love to find a way to repro it!
These designs make me very ashamed of my scribble paper

The movement in them are fantastic!

Grey and yellow isn't a combo I think about too often but it looks amazing.
for the sensible among us!
The evening dresses are a whole other story for another day
Happy Saturday

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