Saturday, 18 September 2010

Finally... The Joan Dress!

It's here finally! not quite finished, there is still overlocking to be done and tweaks on the bust, the skirt, darts and hem but hey!
(please ignore the state of this room but I was too exited to wait!)
I'm feeling Sophia Loren, mid sixties in this dress, less so Joan.

But still I am really pleased with it. But my pattern adjustments were miles too big so I think it could be worth just buying the pattern again so I can cut out the 20. It had to be taken in a lot so thats why its taken so long to post!
Its very wearable, very comfortable and I am so happy with the fabric (after overlocking)
Heres the pattern again

Lowering the neckline was a good plan definately,
heres the back!


  1. Love the color on you! I'm thinking all that's missing to really Joan it up are the accessories. Maybe a scarf, definitely a brooch, some big vintage earrings...

  2. I had MAJOR fitting issues with this pattern too. Don't be discouraged. I always seem to have that problem with re-issued patterns. The originals are generally much easier to deal with for me. Love the color!

  3. Love the style, the colour looks great on you.
    I do the same thing saying my dress is finished but in actual fact there is always little things to finish off. Kat

  4. Very nice, but watch your darts. They should not look like they're opening up where they're supposed to taper to nothing, nor should they draw attention to the fact that the fabric has been manipulated in any way to conform to the human figure. Make sure you press them towards the zipper.

    And like Evie said, there generally is a problem with sizing on the retro re-issued patterns. I don't know why, but it happens.

  5. I love the color and the skinny belt. Looks fabulous on you.


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