Thursday, 30 September 2010

Things I want to make...

I have a folder on my computer in which I put images for sewing inspiration.
Today the number of images stands at 580.
There is a lot of inspiration out there, but it isn't being very productive on my computer.
What does everyone think of putting a look-book together of different things that inspire you Vintage or style wise? Perhaps a shared flikr or something, I think the blogging community would be surprised how many bloggers do make an impact on other readers and bloggers styles. I am definitely inspired by a lot of you and a lot of your outfits and handmade garments are certainly lurking in my inspirational folder.

Here is a few bits from my inspiration, (i'll post links to the bloggers)

Sometimes I put things in there that look similar to patterns I already own,
Sometimes its for colour or the shape of the neckline, skirt, bodice etc

Other times it's just someone inspiring who is clever about dressing to portray an image, Michelle Obama is a constant as well as Jackie O, Carla Bruni, Grace Kelly, Princess of Denmark and of course the Queen and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.
Then of course there is fab bloggers who's style is a massive influence on me especially when the garments have been imagined for themselves!

Catwalk is an obvious one, but I don't take anywhere near as much notice of it as I used to. Its only ever one or two things from a collection nowadays. I think finding a style that suited me helped as I am not an ultra modern girl. I like to think Classic is much more befitting.

Fashion ages, Style doesn't
Just putting these up, it astonishes me that theres such a range of sources for Inspiration, Bloggers, Magazine shoots, TV, Film, Fashion, Bands and Music, Public Figures, Old photos, Dress patterns, Illustrations, Celebrities, Museums.
But I think that I find people, individuals the most inspiring. I love how everybody is different but I also love that there is people that love what i'm into too.
Having common ground with people is lovely and i'm really glad I started this blog
Thankyou to everyone that reads it!


  1. I'm tickled that I ended up in your inspiration folder! I have one too, full of pictures saved from ebay and etsy, vintage pattern illustrations, celebrity outfits...

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you!! Although seeing that old photo of my pink dress reminds me that I need to snap some new pics now that I've found a petticoat and better shoes to go with it! LOL
    I have photos saved all over my computer! A vintage folder, a sewing inspiration folder, a movie costumes folder...
    For the inspirational photos I'm a bit more serious about I have a binder that I've filled with plastic sleeves. I can print out the photo and then pair it with the sewing pattern and the fabric I'd like to use.
    Can kind of see it in this photo

  3. Thank-you so much for the mention! =D
    -Andi x

  4. I have a folder like that but I haven't count how many images I have, I don't have many vintage patterns but I dream some day I will sew the dresses I like, I have also the problem that is hard for me to find nice fabrics because I live in a small town and the fabric store has a very poor inventory BUT even with this poor store I have many many fabrics at home waiting to be used hehehehe, I LOVE the purple dress...just donno if I will look like her hahahahaha, the color and the fabric are JUST hermosos beutiful!!!


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