Sunday, 21 September 2014

Minerva Blogger Network: New Look 6922...

Hi guys! Here is my September Project for Minerva!
I love this time of year in England. The leaves are turning but the light is still beautiful, its not too cold and I get to pull out warmer clothes!
This is New Look 6922. Long time readers of my blog will recall a phase I went through making the top from this pattern 4 or 5 times! Its a great separates pattern and I always wanted to try the cardigan. I love the shawl collar and tied waist. Whats even better is there is no closures!
As soon as I saw the kingfisher blue ponte on the website I thought it was perfect. I've already sung the praises of this ponte before, using it for my coco dress! Its a lovely weight, but sadly a little too bulky for the collar. It has a tendency to roll so its tacked in place!
It has already become my go to cardigan when I want a bit of warmth. Its also easy to dress up with a nice pair of slim trousers and some ballet flats. Which is probably how i'll be wearing it to work! It reminds me a little of those 1920's cardigans, often a little longer with the shawl collar. I made the tie a little shorter just because of fabric restrictions but otherwise its straight out the packet!
 I have finally got round to sorting my remote out for my camera so these pictures are all me! No photographer needed. This is actually taken in my sewing room and I was super pleased with these photos until I noticed that damn box lid in the corner! Also trying some more fashiony poses, I quite liked the one above! I'll have to work ways to hide the remote itself, any advice bloggers? Where do you hide your remotes?
 Back to my cardigan! I can see myself making it again but not for a little while, its not a style I could have in every single colour. Its a great wardrobe builder though and so speedy to make! Next time I will nip the sleeves in a bit from the elbow and perhaps forgo the facing as all it seems to want to do is reveal itself to the world and I think the bulk it creates outweighs its benefits.
I have more Autumn based posts coming up! What is your favourite season?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


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Monday, 15 September 2014

Completed: True Bias Hudsons...

Hello all! I hope your still out there after my slight name changeover! Most Blogger followers were transferred over but you may have to re follow on Bloglovin.
Anywhoo, I'm here to show you my latest make, the Hudson pants from True Bias!
These are made in a grey loop backed sweatshirting and my god they are comfortable!
I have a few fit things I would like to address with the next pair but for loafing around the house they are brilliant!
They fit nicely on the hips but the rise is too low for me, not only is it a bit unflattering but I feel I have to hoik them up every now and again! I chose not to use the cuffs and they are just the right length. I'm not sure if a cuff would be flattering on my "carrot" shaped bottom half.
I love love love the pockets and I felt a plain grey needed a pop of colour so I went with a neon pink cord.
 Due to said carrot legs, the knees are pretty baggy, this is not unexpected as I have this problem with rtw as my thigh and knee measurements are dramatically different with not much space between, being a short ass and all. In this pair it doesn't worry me, I could tweak them but with the weight of the fabric and the low rise all dragging it down its not worth it on this pair. They are house sweats anyway.
Now I'm sorry to have to talk about the "C" word but the crotch is uhhh interesting. This is to do with the rise again I have a lot of bagginess in the hip area but only when they slip down. I'm hoping if I fix the rise it will help.
Overall this was a good, quick, easy pattern and with a nice comfy modern outcome and I intend to make more!

Fabric: Loop back sweatshirting with slight metallic thread 3m purchased 1.5 used £6
Notions: Thread/ Pink Cord and Elastic -£4
Pattern: True Bias Hudson PDF $10 about £7
Total: £17

Wearability: 7/10 Some things to work out but overall comfy and fit for purpose. The costs seem a bit higher than recent projects but as I will use the pattern again Its not bad.
How did you fare when making Hudsons?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

New Bloglovin link!

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New name new link to follow!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Brighton Meetup: 3 days to go!!!

Hi Lovelies,
Just a reminder that the Sewists meet up is a few days away! If your still interested drop me an email!
Can't wait for some fabric goodness!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Summer Stash Confession... PDF Patterns The Rest!

If you thought it was over, you may not know sewists very well! I have many more PDF's that still go unmade!
These are the other sneaky stashed patterns:
Victory Patterns:
EVERYTHING! Ok, not every pattern but Piemaker bought the first collection bundle for a birthday probably two years ago. Then I caved over Nicola!
Colette: Hawthorne and Anise - I have no idea what possessed me to buy a Jacket in PDF form! I still have dreams of a lovely coral wool. But it will have to wait until I finish the other 3 jackets in the UFO pile! I was wooed by all the chambray Hawthorne's around the web and I'm still keen! Probably the shirt version though.
April Rhodes: The staple dress - This is impulse to the max I bought the pattern parcel for this and the bombshell swimsuit. I'm not sure either will suit me but the dress looked so comfy! It will be worth a go but I'm going to lower the neckline considerably!
Finally! Undergarments! I've loved this pattern since it came out and who doesn't want pretty underthings? Not to mention this Ginger suit looks fabulous as swimwear. I need to get bra making again. I purchased some underwear making bits ages ago but lost momentum. I will get back to it!
There we are then! My shame laid bare! I'm hoping to kick my butt back into the sewing room soon and I have a few more makes to blog soon!