Monday, 15 September 2014

Completed: True Bias Hudsons...

Hello all! I hope your still out there after my slight name changeover! Most Blogger followers were transferred over but you may have to re follow on Bloglovin.
Anywhoo, I'm here to show you my latest make, the Hudson pants from True Bias!
These are made in a grey loop backed sweatshirting and my god they are comfortable!
I have a few fit things I would like to address with the next pair but for loafing around the house they are brilliant!
They fit nicely on the hips but the rise is too low for me, not only is it a bit unflattering but I feel I have to hoik them up every now and again! I chose not to use the cuffs and they are just the right length. I'm not sure if a cuff would be flattering on my "carrot" shaped bottom half.
I love love love the pockets and I felt a plain grey needed a pop of colour so I went with a neon pink cord.
 Due to said carrot legs, the knees are pretty baggy, this is not unexpected as I have this problem with rtw as my thigh and knee measurements are dramatically different with not much space between, being a short ass and all. In this pair it doesn't worry me, I could tweak them but with the weight of the fabric and the low rise all dragging it down its not worth it on this pair. They are house sweats anyway.
Now I'm sorry to have to talk about the "C" word but the crotch is uhhh interesting. This is to do with the rise again I have a lot of bagginess in the hip area but only when they slip down. I'm hoping if I fix the rise it will help.
Overall this was a good, quick, easy pattern and with a nice comfy modern outcome and I intend to make more!

Fabric: Loop back sweatshirting with slight metallic thread 3m purchased 1.5 used £6
Notions: Thread/ Pink Cord and Elastic -£4
Pattern: True Bias Hudson PDF $10 about £7
Total: £17

Wearability: 7/10 Some things to work out but overall comfy and fit for purpose. The costs seem a bit higher than recent projects but as I will use the pattern again Its not bad.
How did you fare when making Hudsons?

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