Sunday, 21 September 2014

Minerva Blogger Network: New Look 6922...

Hi guys! Here is my September Project for Minerva!
I love this time of year in England. The leaves are turning but the light is still beautiful, its not too cold and I get to pull out warmer clothes!
This is New Look 6922. Long time readers of my blog will recall a phase I went through making the top from this pattern 4 or 5 times! Its a great separates pattern and I always wanted to try the cardigan. I love the shawl collar and tied waist. Whats even better is there is no closures!
As soon as I saw the kingfisher blue ponte on the website I thought it was perfect. I've already sung the praises of this ponte before, using it for my coco dress! Its a lovely weight, but sadly a little too bulky for the collar. It has a tendency to roll so its tacked in place!
It has already become my go to cardigan when I want a bit of warmth. Its also easy to dress up with a nice pair of slim trousers and some ballet flats. Which is probably how i'll be wearing it to work! It reminds me a little of those 1920's cardigans, often a little longer with the shawl collar. I made the tie a little shorter just because of fabric restrictions but otherwise its straight out the packet!
 I have finally got round to sorting my remote out for my camera so these pictures are all me! No photographer needed. This is actually taken in my sewing room and I was super pleased with these photos until I noticed that damn box lid in the corner! Also trying some more fashiony poses, I quite liked the one above! I'll have to work ways to hide the remote itself, any advice bloggers? Where do you hide your remotes?
 Back to my cardigan! I can see myself making it again but not for a little while, its not a style I could have in every single colour. Its a great wardrobe builder though and so speedy to make! Next time I will nip the sleeves in a bit from the elbow and perhaps forgo the facing as all it seems to want to do is reveal itself to the world and I think the bulk it creates outweighs its benefits.
I have more Autumn based posts coming up! What is your favourite season?

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