Monday, 31 December 2012

I Was Very Good This Year...

Apologies for the terrible photo, But at least its mine for a change!
This is a selection of the sewing goodies I got for Christmas!
I was very blessed this year! Heres what you can see!
Deer and Doe, Sureau and Airelle
Colette, Jasmine, Peony and Clover
A Cute little owl pincushion from my Grandma Grace
and Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing!

I wasn't sure I was going to Love Gertie's book so I held off on buying it for myself but just as the Colette book did, it was a pleasant surprise! 
Its so detailed and is written for an intermediate audience without being over complicated for beginners to read.
I will try and get a proper review done but I can't wait to sew from it.
I'm working on a 2012 review post for tomorrow.
"Three posts in a matter of days?! Thats unheard of Stevie!"
Yes you lucky things! 
Hehe I am going to try my best to better my blog this year. More frequent posting and
Hopefully there will be some better features and content as well as maybe a new look!
Happy New Year To Everyone
Have a Safe and Prosperous New Year
See you in 2013!

Friday, 28 December 2012

To SWAP or not to SWAP?..

Merry middle celebratory week people! This week always feels funny to me, Christmas is done but New Year is still to come, I'm not sure if I should still be in a Christmassy mood or not?

Nevertheless, I have been contemplating going in for The Artisan Square SWAP 2013. I know my sewing room isn't set up yet, but I don't intend to do it for the deadline. I think a SWAP would teach me  to create in terms of wardrobes and outfits rather than single pieces. So far my calculations tell me that not including the Jacket I can make at least 12 outfits from this plan.

I would also like it to focus on useful items. For me its all about the cake! It also links in with another Idea I have for the blog later in the year! Exciting no?
The patterns are from left:

  1. Colette Anise
  2. Salme Blazer
  3. Colette Juniper 
  4. Lekala Cardigan 4163
  5. Colette Jasmine
  6. Victory Ava
  7. Deer and Doe Airelle
  8. Grainline Moss
  9. Sewaholic Renfrew
  10. Colette Clover
10 pieces, 12 outfits? That sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask me. Lots of wearability the ultimate cake wardrobe!
The question is, do I have the time to devote to it, or will I get bored with my choices?
What fabrics to use? Oh so many questions! I think plain colours would be the most sensible option, what do you think?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Around 19th January... London Meetup anyone?

Ok, I haven't had chance to be at a meetup for ages and was sooo jealous of all those that got to go to Birmingham! It looked amazing!
I'm proposing a London meetup, either Goldhawk, Portabello or Walthamstow as i've never been there.
Anyone interested?
If so leave a comment or email me at
The date is Flexible but I think a Saturday would be sensible, would be nice to spend a little Christmas moneys! (more on the little side!)

Would be fantastic to see you!!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Addressing the Re-sewlutions...

The year is fast approaching this end and I can't help but think about 2013 and the year ahead. First I want to thank everyone for sticking with me and reading through this year! I am so thankful that people read and comment on my little space and how I create. Especially through the last few months where I haven't had much to say!
I looked back at last years Resewlutions  and I can't help feeling I failed miserably in terms of sewing!
I'm not too forlorn though as my predictions about my life being very different and on doing my masters degree were correct. So we can't really grumble can we?

So things I did achieve this year:
I graduated! - This was a big deal for me, getting my degree in Fashion and Dress History just demonstrated to me how much I want to be in the world of museums, academia and historical dress.

I Started my Masters Degree - An extension of above, I found that getting employed into that world straight from an undergrad was rare, So I have taken on another two years study to get my Masters.
This is coupled with working for Worthing Museum and The Fashion and Textile Museum in London.
(now can you see why my sewing time has nosedived?)

I got a Job! - Not one I truly wanted, but one that will keep me going whilst I study. Caring for people with disability is hard, but it is my background and the place I work everyone is great so for now it buys me a few luxuries.

We bought a House! - This one I was not expecting! But this has been the hardest part of the whole year. We intended to move in within 6 weeks. We are still not moved in 3 months later, but hopefully after the Holidays we are going to be moving into our first house!
The kitchen is arriving as we speak!

I learnt to Knit! - This has been on my list a long time! I'm really pleased I did it, not having the space to sew has been really tough on me and picking up my needles and knitting almost anywhere has been a godsend! I intend to finish a large project soon and start honing my skills!

My Sewing has taken a hit this year because of all these big life changes, but hopefully this will be a thing of the past.
It turns out I didn't need a graduate wardrobe after all, which was fine with me but I would like to develop the idea of capsule sewing, as well as making a jacket and getting trousers right.
These are the three things I'd like to do this year. I gave myself a quota of more than 25 garments this year! I'm pretty sure I made something like 12 garments, HALF of what I made the year before. But I think its important not to get mad at myself. I do this for FUN not for a job. Its ok that i've had other things on, I still got 12 garments made by my own fair hands.

So this 2013 Recap:
No garment quota
Learn to make a nice fitting pair of trousers
Make a Jacket/Coat
Slow down and make everything to the best of my ability
Knit one sweater
Reduce my stash (yeah right :P)
Make a capsule of key pieces, considered and budgeted

What are you planning for the year ahead?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Winter Pattern Wishlists...

Of all of you getting to be all sewy and awesome creative right now!
I'm checking up on my blogs  daily and have a serious case of sewist jealousy,
There are so many patterns i'm loving right now, so although i'm not sewing I'm going to show you my cheeky little sewing pattern wishlist for winter.
 Deer and Doe First, Airelle, Pavot and Sureau. All so useful! I love the little gathers on Airelle. All of these would be super useful pieces.
Although Sureau and Darling Ranges are similar, I think there is room for both in my wardrobe, I really love Megan Nielson's aesthetic, its unfussy yet brilliantly stylish! I'm also coveting her Kelly skirt and Banksia top which I used as inspiration before it was even developed as a pattern, Fancy that!

Next up my love for Sewholic continues with the Thurlow's. I have reserved judgement on the Alma top simply because i'm not sure its for me. But I could see myself wearing these classic trousers a lot.
 Ah. Amy Butler, This has been on my list for a long time but I think it has a particularly wintery feel to it. Great to use with prints or plain fabrics.
 Kind of like the Washi dress. I have been waiting to get my mitts on this one! Especially in that fabric,
 The salme blazer is so elegant and stylish. I think it would match any of these patterns i've chosen, make it in a plain colour fabric and your good to go!
I also think Grainline is really coming into its own too. I wish they had more patterns! The Moss skirt is just what I need in winter with thick tights and boots. Maybe paired with Scout tee, Mini pocket Tank Layering combo?

I could go on! There is so much inspiration out there right now and i'm itching to get sewing! However,  life is getting very busy right now and i've just come down with a grotty, heavy cold. Nich so gut as my dad would say.
I will return with more house photos soon, we have two rooms almost completed!
Keep Sewing, I'm loving everything I see right now, I'm enjoying living vicariously through all my bloggy friends! x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hopefully A Turning Point...

(Piemaker sorting the living room walls)

So the house is taking over our lives. Combine that with my Masters Degree and working for a care charity and that leaves no time or space to even sew on a button. This is depressing, but looking at the positive my knitting is coming on leaps and bounds,

The real good news is that the electricians are in to sort our electric out today and tomorrow, which means by Saturday we will be able to decorate every room except the kitchen! (builder's starting on our new kitchen next week hopefully)
I'm hoping I can convince Piemaker to chuck a few of my boxes into the car so we can start setting up upstairs. But hopefully this will be a turning point.

I'm hating not having any space to myself to be able to lock the door and work or sew, I know it will be better in the long run its just at the moment its pretty sucky. This is mainly the reason why I haven't been making/showing you guys my sewing plans.

I have some but until we can move in there isn't a lot I can do about them!  Thanks for sticking with me, it won't be long!
There is so many lovely new patterns floating about I just can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cornish Honey Cowl...

I finished another knitting project! This was the free Honey Cowl pattern by Madeleine Tosh, which you can get on Ravelry. I did the bulk of the knitting on a little family holiday in Cornwall, hence the name.
I have to say This is my favorite thing i've knitted so far! So much so that some people may be getting them for Christmas!
Apologies for the myspacey photo, My laptop is broken and so i'm making do with Piemakers Ipad.
The pattern creates honeycomb stitch which gives a dense waffle like texture to the finished fabric which is sooo soft and squidgy! Heres a close up. I did it in some more Artesano Washable Merino, this time in "sand."
 Its a lovely versatile pattern you can do lots of different options. I cast on 220 stitches for this one, and used two skeins, but the shorter version is half that. It can also be doubled and worn that way too!
Little house update, we have the keys and are getting it decorated, hopefully to move in properly in about three weeks, when the kitchen has been put in. Lots of work to do!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Deer and Doe... More New Pattern Goodness!

I have been following a cute little french blog for a while now written by Eleanor, She's just launched a new pattern line, Deer and Doe,
The patterns are so cute I had to blog them!
Airelle is a great pattern with fabulous shoulder gathers, I could totally use this in my wardrobe!

Belladone is a very simple but cute dress. But out of the dresses I adore bleuet, a lovely little shirt dress which would be perfect in a stable fabric for Fall

Next is the coat Pavot, which is so chic! The construction looks nice and simple for a coat but what a fabulous result you end up with!
last but certainly not least is Sureau which is a great everyday dress! I can see everything in this collection becoming fantastic additions to any wardrobe! I think I might have to get saving up!
(Apologies for the basic ness of this post, my laptop has decided to die on me and until I get a new hard drive I'm having to resort to using the ever patient Piemaker's IPad. Not as easy as I'd thought!)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Completed: Craftsy Lace Keyhole Scarf by Stefanie Japel

Yes I actually finished something! Granted I finished this a little while ago but I've just had time to get pictures.
As the title suggests this was the scarf Stefanie Japel teaches you to knit in the Knit Lab Craftsy Course. It was a beginner course and I loved it. Although not an absolutely base rate knitter I found it so helpful and it gave me confidence to do more lace knitting. 
 I used Artesano's Superwash Merino in Grape. The colour is somewhere in between what the photos show. Its a lovely yarn and this only took up one skein. I think they would make fantastic presents! It took me around two days to finish. As you can see I prefer it as a headband rather than a scarf, it keeps my ears warm and due to my uhmmm adequate bust, it looks a bit pathetic around my neck.
 I decided not to block it as I like the lettuce like frilliness when its worn as a headband. I can wholeheartedly recommend this class. Stefanie is a great teacher. I've now signed up to her "fit your knits" class and I'm learning to knit in the round. Something I never thought i'd be able to get!
Perfect timing for autumn!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bought Without Breathing... Colette's New Patterns Anise and Juniper!

Oh my gosh the new Colette patterns accidentally dropped themselves into my shopping basket!
I love both the Juniper trousers and the Anise Jacket!

I needed a good kick up the butt sewing wise and both of these are perfect Autumn pieces I could get a lot of wear out of!
I also bought Sarai's cute little instruction book that goes with the Anise jacket its $5 for today!
I promise I will be back with vengeance soon. The house situation is that we are currently waiting for exchange and completion which should be done in the next week or so. We think it will be another fortnight before we move in.
I will be getting sewing once we get chance to unpack!
How are you enjoying Autumn? Its one of my favourite seasons!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Still Here But Knitting...

Hello Friends!
We are still here, just in a funny interim period and living with Piemakers family for a little while, this doesn't make for great sewing time but I've really gone great guns with my knitting.
I thought it might be nice to update you on how i've been getting on.
I've officially learnt to knit properly. Thanks to the lovely knit and natter group in Worthing
especially Caroline who runs The Wool Bar (fabulous yarn shop)
It took a good few months to start to feel comfortable knitting and after one frogged cardigan, I have started my beautiful Willow Pullover from Louisa Harding's Margurite book. I am really enjoying this knit! Such simple instructions can make such a lovely pattern. I'm making this up in a patons cotton 4ply.
I've learnt a huge amount using Stephanie Japel's Knit lab class on Craftsy and I would totally recommend it to anyone looking to start out. I just skipped the bits I knew already but there are some fabulous tips! I also finished her lace keyhole scarf and it makes a fab headband (Pics to come.)
Here is where I'm upto with my Willow pullover

I adore the lace edging! 
I have become a proper yarnie too which is no surprise and i'm getting a good stash together.
If you want to see any of the stuff in my stash or things I'd like to make pop over to my page on Ravelry . Who else has fallen in love with knitting?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Whole Lotta Planning...

I seem to spend my life planning all the stuff i'm going to do instead of actually doing it. 
But when it comes to sewing, in my defense I actually can't do a lot until the move is done and I can unpack my sewing machine and unbury my fabric.
I have done abysmally in my sewing goals so far this year, my target is 25 garments, so unless I get a move on I'm in grave danger of missing that one.
a little info on how were progressing housewise first, 
We give our little rented house over on Tuesday and are essentially living in a bed room in Piemaker's parents house. No room for sewing here, but were waiting for completion before making the second move to our new home.
Incidentally this has given me a lot of time to think about what I'd truly like in my wardrobe and how I would like it to be.
I've sold a whole bunch of stuff on ebay and I'm looking to cleanse my wardrobe big time.
I've even written a little mission statement:

"The Idea behind this plan is comfortable, wearable pieces that can transcend from one use to another seamlessly, Promoting the use of good quality lasting fabrics to create versatility when put into an everyday wardrobe and the inclusion of pieces that harmonise with each other to create a capsule like effect.
Clothing in this plan should be, primarily a mixture of separates with the exception of a few dresses that can be worn layered with tights and long sleeved tops.
Overall I would like to achieve a workhorse style wardrobe of useful clothing. As I complete the Seamless Pledge I made in May 2012 until May 2013. "

So I've been trying to address this and look logically at what I like wearing. For example, I mainly wear dresses in the winter with tights, but feel uncomfortable in dresses in summer. 
Weird but realistic. I need more winter dresses than thin summer frocks.
So stay tuned for more wardrobe musings!
Do you have any weird wardrobe requirements?

Monday, 30 July 2012

Guest Post: Sara from Road to the Heart...

Hello readers of Beebee's Vintage Dress!  I'm Sara of Road to the Heart. While I love sewing things from scratch, sometimes it's just as much fun to buy something from the thrift store and alter it to be wearable.  Here's my most recent project!

I found this dress at Goodwill, and it was huge.  I felt like a child when I put it on for this before photo:

Swimming in pink!
But I thought it had potential because of the pretty peach color and the pleated texture.  So I cut the skirt part off, folded over the top, and added a drawstring waist.  And suddenly, it was the perfect beach outfit!

Thanks Stevie for letting me guest post!  If you want to see more upcycled fashions or vintage musings, feel free to hop over to my blog to say hi.  Happy sewing!

Monday, 23 July 2012

No Sewing... Just Life Changing

Morning lovely people. I know its been ages since I showed you something new, but my sewing has been taken over recently. After posting a similar post to this one, Things went wrong and I had to take it down. But now hopefully the danger is passed and we can announce that we are in the process of buying our first home!

I'm so exited about it all. We put in an offer that was accepted, but then someone else put in a silly much higher bid therefore knocking us out. However they seemed to just be timewasters so it then passed back to us.
All the paperwork is being done now and we should be able to move in, in around 6 weeks!
Only problem with this? We managed to rent our little house much quicker than planned and they can only wait a month max to move in.
So very quickly our lives are full of frantic packing and getting ourselves ready. The house were moving to needs a LOT of work, the old lady who lived there still had original 1930/40s furniture. However this means there is some fab original features!
It doesn't look like much but the potential is great!
Sorry again for the scarceness of posts, I have been knitting a lot recently as its a good portable craft. I've nearly got something finished to show you.
In the mean time I was thinking of getting some guest posters together, if your interested please email me on I'm off to fill more boxes!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Seamless Pledge: Nearly two months in...

Wow I'm surprised at how quickly time is going its just over 2 months since I took the Seamless Pledge!
I have stayed true to my word and have bought no newly produced clothing.
In fact I have only bought three pieces of clothing at all! First was lovely 60's blazer in a neutral tone, I think it will be useful as it fills the gap my disaster jacket was supposed to fill. £7 for that!
One top that cost £2 and some Jaeger sailor shorts in a navy linen that cost me £5
I know I've not been particularly productive recently, I feel a bit like i'm growing out of my current life at the moment. (if that makes sense to anybody!)
Were anxious to move into our own place and so my mind has been elsewhere, (mostly looking at house stuff on Pinterest :P)
I have to say we aren't going through an easy time at the moment. I'm back to looking for jobs and life is a bit unsteady. I just haven't felt like sewing (although I seem to be getting more into my knitting!)

Although I haven't really been sewing solidly, I actually haven't found seamless too difficult.
 I think I had kidded myself into thinking I bought a lot of clothing but I have a real issue with quality and so that usually won over buying things at H&M or Topshop.
The next stage is to ebay everything I don't need which is quite a lot and to de-clutter.
I'm sorry about the intermittent posts but that is definitely the word to describe life at the moment!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

What I'm Up To... Plus Calling all London Based Sewists!

I'm getting more and more frustrated by my lack of productivity at the moment. So I am putting plans down in writing so I am obligated to finish them.
I spent a lot of yesterday trying to tidy my sewing room but to no avail. It needs more storage which at the moment is not in the budget. I had a go at making my own bolts from cardboard and that seems to work pretty well but there is nowhere to put said bolts.

Nevermind on to what I am currently working on!

I have started Amy Butler's Cabo Halter. I have to say i'm not keen on the way Amy Butler patterns are printed and I feel that they scrimping on their product a little.
When you open the pattern pieces they have made the front and back interchangable by making one piece that for the front you fold down certain parts of the pattern to cut.
This would be fine if it was the only thing. The instructions are on the pattern sheet and not seperate, not only that there is nowhere to store any of it once you cut out the pattern. Unlike Colette where you have a neat little instruction booklet and a little folder on the back.

Nevertheless the top is pretty and popular too it seems. I have started to sew it in Liberty's My Little Star lawn.
Its looking good but in a bid to finish it fast I messed up so now a big chunk has to be unpicked.
Second on the Agenda is Victory Patterns Madeleine Skirt.

I love the overall look of the skirt and I love how it looks with a pussybow blouse. I'm unsure what colour to make though. The denim looks very classic but it might look nice in a lightweight wool? I have some blue garbadine which could look good.
Finally although we haven't had much of a british summer, i'm looking at shorts!
I've started a muslin for Kwik Sew 3854 view B. Hopefully if I can crack the shorts I can just lengthen them into trousers.
So thats what i'm up to! In other news I am leaving Clothkits, sad as it is I need the time to do my Masters in the Autumn and they really wanted a totally full time employee, which is fair enough. 
However I get to do some awesome Volunteering at the Fashion and Textile museum this week on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.
So any London based sewists who fancy a few cocktails on any of those nights email me and we can have a little mini meetup! 
Email me at if you're interested in coming.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Frilly Milly...

 Hello Friends! Does my skirt look a bit poofy today?
I should think so! Heres my new petticoat I made! Its a layer of thin cotton with an elasticated waist with two 3m pieces of net gathered into the bottom of the waistband making it ultra frilly!
I now think I need to whip up a few circle skirts so I can use it to my hearts content.
Heres a bit of a rubbish picture of the petticoat on its own. I'm really pleased with it! I think I have the perfect next project that it will go with brilliantly!
So tell me lovelies, What have you been making recently?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Fully Fledged Fashion Historian...

I had to post. I got my degree results today and came out with a fantastic 2:1. This means I can now go on to do my masters in History of Design and Material Culture and I am officially a qualified Dress Historian.

I can't quite believe the last three years have finished. I am moving on to a brand new phase of life and its scary but exiting. I am so thankful for all the help I received and all the blessings that turned up in this time including the start of my blog, my new job, new friends online and not and of course meeting the love of my life. He has been fantastic all the way through! I love you Dave! x

So what now?
I decided not to go to the graduation ceremony as I feel they are overpriced plus in reality i'm quite shy and I feel quite uncomfortable doing things like that.  I promised my parents that I would do the ceremony for my Masters and now I will!
So the summer of sewing will now resume! Thankyou all for your patience and support!
Your All Awesome! 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Still alive! Plus I finished something...

Hello, Sorry for the absence I've been settling in at work and I've managed to actually sew something!
This is the clothkits Autumn Linen skirt in pink. Its lined with white lawn and was lovely to put together. The kit is £35 which isn't too bad and is great for beginners. Only problem was that in the two weeks I was messing around with it I lost half a stone! Therefore it is now too big.
 Its ok for wearing to work though and the lawn is a nice quality and feels nice against the skin.
I decided to jazz it up with a decorative stitch on the hem.
So what have you all been sewing?