Friday, 28 December 2012

To SWAP or not to SWAP?..

Merry middle celebratory week people! This week always feels funny to me, Christmas is done but New Year is still to come, I'm not sure if I should still be in a Christmassy mood or not?

Nevertheless, I have been contemplating going in for The Artisan Square SWAP 2013. I know my sewing room isn't set up yet, but I don't intend to do it for the deadline. I think a SWAP would teach me  to create in terms of wardrobes and outfits rather than single pieces. So far my calculations tell me that not including the Jacket I can make at least 12 outfits from this plan.

I would also like it to focus on useful items. For me its all about the cake! It also links in with another Idea I have for the blog later in the year! Exciting no?
The patterns are from left:

  1. Colette Anise
  2. Salme Blazer
  3. Colette Juniper 
  4. Lekala Cardigan 4163
  5. Colette Jasmine
  6. Victory Ava
  7. Deer and Doe Airelle
  8. Grainline Moss
  9. Sewaholic Renfrew
  10. Colette Clover
10 pieces, 12 outfits? That sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask me. Lots of wearability the ultimate cake wardrobe!
The question is, do I have the time to devote to it, or will I get bored with my choices?
What fabrics to use? Oh so many questions! I think plain colours would be the most sensible option, what do you think?


  1. Good for you for sticking to all independent pattern companies! And thanks for mentioning the Lekala cardigan -- I've been looking for a pattern like that. Have you sewn one of their patterns before? Are they well-drafted and easy to follow?

    1. Hey Andrea, I haven't tried them before, but I've heard Natalia is very helpful if you have questions. They are a great deal for a made to measure patterns! x

  2. Merry Christmas Stevie! Nice SWAP list - I reckon that the Salme will be more versatile vs. the Anise if you feel that you have to choose onit one jacket :)

  3. There's some lovely and very wearable patterns there! Happy sewing Stevie! Yep, I definitely plan to rig up a Brighton meet-up for the new year. I'm thinking February, i.e. after everyone has been paid again! Hope to see you then. Happy New Year xx

  4. That looks like a great set of pieces you have planned, though there might be some scary fitting to deal with (but I am just a chicken) - good luck! :)
    Oh - and Happy New Year!


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