Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Around 19th January... London Meetup anyone?

Ok, I haven't had chance to be at a meetup for ages and was sooo jealous of all those that got to go to Birmingham! It looked amazing!
I'm proposing a London meetup, either Goldhawk, Portabello or Walthamstow as i've never been there.
Anyone interested?
If so leave a comment or email me at
The date is Flexible but I think a Saturday would be sensible, would be nice to spend a little Christmas moneys! (more on the little side!)

Would be fantastic to see you!!!


  1. Ohh... yes please! Are there fabric places near Portabello then? I've not been there in years so I'm not sure. Otherwise my vote is Walthamstow :)

  2. Sounds lovely - I'll be there :-)

  3. I hope you have a lovely time....will look forward to hearing about it & being jealous of fabric scoops & sewing chats!!

  4. Oh no, Stevie! This makes me so sad...I would have loved to come, but I'm visiting friends in Leeds that weekend :o( Sorry I didn't see your post earlier! Hope you all have loads of fun and that there'll be another chance for us to meet up in 2013!

  5. hi Stevie - happy new year! I'd love to meet up, but sadly am busy that day (theatre trip with the inlaws). But v much hope to see you this year! x


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