Thursday, 31 March 2011

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on Simplicity.”- Plato

NO I haven't had an accident whereby I squeezed too many patterns together and they exploded! (Although it kinda looks like it doesn't it?)
Today has been one of those boring 'get stuff done' days. I have decided that the jobs I don't like are best done in batches. So today the tasks were, pre wash fabric (Which was a success by the way! Thankyou for everyones advice!) and to cut out pattern pieces from all the patterns I plan to use in the Easter Holidays. My back is now killing but they are organised honest!
See! I have picked out all the pattern pieces I need for each garment and pinned them together with a little label and a child like drawing of what it is so I don't forget. I also pinned the remaining pieces into a group too! See? Organised!
What I plan to do is Iron the patterns and the newly washed fabric tomorrow and get my second least favorite sewing job done. Cutting.
So here is what is on the make list... I'm not sure how but I have ended up with lots and lots of Simplicity patterns this time around, hence the title. My Lisette patterns came through today and they are fabulous! So one of them has been slipped in. I kinda wanted to do a palette moodboard thing with the fabrics but I don't have a programme to do it so anyone that can suggest one that would be great. I will try and match the tech drawings with fabric tomorrow, Ok. The skirt above is Simplicity 2343 Version B
This adorable little pattern is one that Patty from The Snug Bug has made a few times and it just looks seriously cute! I've cut the flowy sleeved D but I am torn between that and E.
Here is the crazy Jumpsuit pattern Simplicity 2374. I have to admit I haven't cut the pattern for this cardi or jumpsuit yet. But I do intend to make the cardigan soon! When my cutting hands have recovered.
Ahhhh Lisette Market pattern Simplicity 2211. Super awesome no? I am hoping to make the top.
and finally in this post of separates we have Simplicity 2936 peter pan collared top (buttonholes! EEEK!) Its so lovely though! This is view B but there is also a short tie sleeve thats really sweet!
So what do we think? Am I a bit crazy putting down a promise of 3 tops 1 skirt and 1 cardigan in the space of 3 weeks?

Pre washing Fabric

Wouldn't you love a laundry room like this?
Does anyone else find pre washing scary? I have just put two jerseys, two cotton poplins and a quilting cotton in my washing machine and I am scared to death that something will run.
I NEVER used to pre wash things but I have had some garments go to baby clothes and Its such a waste of time and effort! I always have the dilemma of... "Do I wash it on a 30? or a 40?" "Most of my clothes are washed on a 40 so they should go on 40." "What if they run and ruin the rest?"
Urgh I should be over it by now. I don't tend to buy fabrics that are awkward to wash but its still a scary prospect. Especially before you have even made the garment!
Then my pet hate of Ironing has to come in! All I want is something like this AD
How do you do your pre- washing if at all? This Eddie Izzard sketch is always in my head WHENEVER I do any kind of washing... Its hilarious!

Again Don't forget the Giveaway!!!!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Stash Talk...

Hello fellow sewing lovers, (Especially new recruits)
The giveaway is going well but do not forget... If you Re-blog the giveaway on your own blog I will enter you in twice! TWICE! Two chances to win the Vintage Goodies!
You must make sure you either comment again or let me know as so far I have been checking up on you all! Like a nosey Auntie... (perhaps a stealthy one...) Don't forget the giveaway closes Friday at midnight GMT!!!

Now onto todays proceedings. I'm afraid i'm not feeling so hot today. I was going to try and get a handle on one of those pesky UFO's (Unfinished objects) But a headache and temperature descended so I am now in bed.
But before I started feeling lukey, I decided to label and sort out my fabric stash. It was in a bit of a mucky pile behind my door and I thought, "This won't take me 5 minutes and i'll get onto the sewing." Oh how wrong I was dear friends...
This is how it looked when I emptied out those two boxes and the pile on top...
My thoughts? Bloody Hell... where did all this come from? Of course we all know where it came from but I have never had a serious stash before and I felt a mixture of pride and panic.
So I got it all up onto the bed and began to measure and label every piece so I knew how much I had of each fabric, where I bought it and if I had a specific project in mind for it.
It was a pretty mundane task but entirely necessary and in the end pretty useful. I got to know precisely what was in my stash and how many had projects destined for them ( and the many that didn't.)
I tried to stick similar colours together but I ran out of boxes in then end! two boxes have multiplied into 4! But 4 well organised boxes is better than 2 packed, hectic boxes that won't shut.
Here are all the boxes packed and ready to be put away. I was intending to count my fabrics and pair some into projects as well as get photos up into my iPhoto as I did here. But the Lurgy descended. I was surprised at a few things in my stash. First the amount of useable pieces I had told myself would be too small to make garments! As well as the amount of yellow hued fabrics I have. I didn't have quite as much blue as I had been imagining either which is good as that is what my wardrobe is full of. I also found some green suede that is perfect for a RTW I had in mind. But that is another blog post for another day.
So for now I will leave you to wonder at my neat little fabric stash a wild beast no more! More a delicate swan if you will...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

50+ followers... GIVEAWAY TIME CLOSED 2/04/11 12.00GMT

Hello I hope everyone is having a fab day... I certainly was when I logged in this morning and found I had exactly 50 followers! (and another when I logged in this afternoon!)
I want to thank each and every one of you my fabulous 50 (1)! For supporting me by reading my blog.
When I started I never imagined I'd get ANYONE to read my ramblings let alone comment and advise me on stuff. It started as an easy way to get my projects down in a more exiting way than in a sketchbook but I have learnt sooo much since!
As a thankyou I have put together a little giveaway!
As I am harping on about how to get balance in your wardrobe the giveaway includes a Dress Pattern, 2 skirt patterns, a top pattern and a Golden Hands magazine. I've tried to put in a range of sizes and era's too! So everyone has to practise their grading!
Butterick 9873 is a 1960s skirt and pullover pattern is a Size 14 Bust 34
Simplicity 6505 is a size 14 hip 39 A line Skirt. From the 60's
Vogue 7733 is a pattern that Vogue are still selling. This is a 6,8, 10 sized pattern
and finally brand new in the mail today is Simplicity Project Runway Dress 2644 Sized 8,10, 12, 14, 16!
I am opening this Giveaway until Thursday the 7th of April and will announce the results on the Friday.

So here is what you gotta do Chica's... First leave us a comment and tell me what your most worn and faithful project is. Next Re-blog about this giveaway on your own websites and/or blog and comment the link onto this post. Third... Have a big slice of cake and a cup of tea to celebrate with me. We deserve it!!!!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Patterns from Sewing for Pleasure.

At the Sewing for Pleasure show, I was planning to only get Simplicity's new Lisette patterns... They have had a good internet reception so far on their release, and are so damn cute!
But it was 3 patterns for £10! on the simplicity stand. But of course There was 4 Lisettes... And my mum picked up a few cute skirts and a top.(all separates!) So they got put in the pile too. I'm super exited about the Lisettes and the simplicity jumpsuit just seemed like a crazy thing to do perhaps for summer.
Here is my cute little skirts. I bought the art deco cotton for this one. I really love the frilled pockets. This could be one of those make and make again patterns! The 2258 was sweet and I would like to have a go at shorts at some point!
I got some lovely cherry print chiffon to make the green version of this 2936 top. Peter Pan Neckline!
This project runway has been on my mind for a while I know its a dress but it is a very sweet summery one!
I have no excuse for this one other than the fact that there is a jump/playsuit thing going on!
Any suggestions?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sewing Show at the NEC is like crack for sewing addicts...

I had a fab time today at the Sewing for Pleasure Show at the NEC in Birmingham. I was sooo happy running around surrounded by sewing paraphernalia everywhere I forgot to take photos, awful I know. But I did come home with a bit of a haul... So much of one that I am gonna have to split it into a fabric and pattern (GASP) post.
First I have some Amy Butler Cotton.
Then we have the most scrumptious liquid teal Jersey. I bought the remainder of the roll it was so beautiful. Look at the diamond pattern woven in!!!
Then we have a green cotton I have been looking for this colour for a long time and this was just perfect!
The most beautiful chiffon littered with cherries I walked away from this, then had to go back.
A cotton print that would make a cute summer blouse.
The lovliest art deco style metallic print cotton
And finally a beautiful Coral (looks red in the photo) coloured cotton sateen that was from the same supplier that supplies Boden clothing company!!! Wooo!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I thought this photo pretty much summed up how I feel at the moment. I seem to come out of my shell a bit when the sun comes out. Colour comes back into my wardrobe with a big unsubtle bang and I bake. Dave and I made custard Buns yesterday which resulted in them becoming breakfast this morning!
I always buy flowers when I'm feeling springlike. I miss my garden at my parents, where all my tulips will be out in full bloom so I tend to buy some for a vase or jug around now. The Fabric is curtain fabric. 100% cotton. Called Lalique. I got it from Ebay when I was considering the Rebecca dress make. But I think it would make a fab macaron. I'm frightened about it not being pre shrunk though... Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? Please Lend me your knowledge!

As usual I am rubbish at self control. I wandered into a shop looking for furniture yesterday and guess what I came out with? Patterns.
Vintage ones. Nice ones, Large sizes too! I'm Useless.
My thought pattern went like this... Ohhh Tops! I need Tops! A pound?! I can do that... Thats ok right? yeah. I'll leave now and I won't look at...
OHHHH look at that... Quick and easy too? That wouldn't take too much grading and polka dots... I love polka dots...
Look at that awesome collar...
And that Scalloped one!... I must possess them all!!!!!!!
This is how my brain works in shopaholic mode. I hope you understand.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Annebella's Dress.

Or more precisely the Rebecca Dress. This started a few weeks ago when my tutor at uni came in wearing an amazing dress and I didn't get a chance to ask her where it was from.
Two weeks went by and I couldn't get it off my mind.
I typed in grey and lime and grey and yellow dress into ebay and nothing, Even google was stumped. So I set about in my little brain full of fluff and thread, planning how I was going to make this dress.

It was basically Colette's Macaron pattern but a tube neckline instead of sweetheart and long sleeves instead of short.
But finding the fabric proved to be difficult. It is not a very popular colour combo but I did find a rather nice Ginko leaf pattern that had similar colouring and had bought some uber cheap grey jersey off ebay too.

Today Annebella wore the dress again and I asked her where she bought it. She replied People Tree in the sale. I assumed that she meant ages ago and continued planning this dress in my head. Until I got home and thought Id look.
Known as the Rebecca Dress it was there... In the sale... £19 pounds... and only my size left!!!!!
I ran to get my card and I went through that little electronic checkout as fast as my fingers would carry me yay!!!
A triumph in Stevie consumerism... A loss for Stevie sewing ideas....
Never mind. ONWARDS!