Friday, 4 March 2011

The Mona Skirt.

OK So the progress on my Barcelona Jacket has ground to a halt. But I did whip up a quick pencil skirt from a vintage simplicity pattern I had lying around.
(Please excuse the lack of makeup i'm writing this frantically and getting ready for uni at the same time)
I say Quick. It should have been but I need to get it into my head I am not a size 20 1/2 even in Vintage Patterns. I seem to always overestimate the size I am and spend the rest of the time taking in and fitting it to me. The fabric was a little bulky on the zip too so that took longer than expected and two goes.
I frankly couldn't be bothered to thread up my serger and I only have white thread. So I raided my trim's box and found some cute vintage laces I had lying around.
I think this could be a wardrobe staple! I know its patterned but its a seperate and its stashbusting!

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