Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Annebella's Dress.

Or more precisely the Rebecca Dress. This started a few weeks ago when my tutor at uni came in wearing an amazing dress and I didn't get a chance to ask her where it was from.
Two weeks went by and I couldn't get it off my mind.
I typed in grey and lime and grey and yellow dress into ebay and nothing, Even google was stumped. So I set about in my little brain full of fluff and thread, planning how I was going to make this dress.

It was basically Colette's Macaron pattern but a tube neckline instead of sweetheart and long sleeves instead of short.
But finding the fabric proved to be difficult. It is not a very popular colour combo but I did find a rather nice Ginko leaf pattern that had similar colouring and had bought some uber cheap grey jersey off ebay too.

Today Annebella wore the dress again and I asked her where she bought it. She replied People Tree in the sale. I assumed that she meant ages ago and continued planning this dress in my head. Until I got home and thought Id look.
Known as the Rebecca Dress it was there... In the sale... £19 pounds... and only my size left!!!!!
I ran to get my card and I went through that little electronic checkout as fast as my fingers would carry me yay!!!
A triumph in Stevie consumerism... A loss for Stevie sewing ideas....
Never mind. ONWARDS!

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