Tuesday, 8 March 2011

To sew or buy?

This is a dilemma that goes through my head on a daily basis. I Adore clothes and good quality at that. I never buy Primark or anything too cheap simply because for me it doesn't last long enough. (occasionally I will be convinced by New Look) and I constantly dream about being able to afford Hobbs, Jigsaw, Anthropologie, LK Bennett and really top quality stuff etc.

But as a student there is pretty much no budget for clothing. I have recently discovered the joys of Ebay and so that has helped a bit. But I found myself today wandering into Hobbs for a look and then into some other chain stores. Marks and Spencers is where I get basics but only in the odd interim when I have nothing left.
As I said before I have been thinking I needed more cardigans and went to the House of Fraser website. Only to be faced with the Dilemma of most items being £40 or more. This is when my little brain ticks over saying I could make that... I could do a version of this...

This is all very well but fabric also costs. As well as Time being at a premium in my life at the moment. For my holiday clothes, I have basically run out of time but I managed to make most of the garments I planned barr the Jacket and got some cardigans and tops off of ebay by selling some old things.
This got me thinking about how cheap sewing is in relation to buying. Things and consumerism are so enticing and I'm not going to rant about it because its bigger than us but. If you take a J. Crew Skirt for £75 quid. Made from a coloured cotton twill. Straight with a bow detail on it. I know I could make something similar for £6 per metre of fabric. So for arguments sake say 3 metres. £18 for a skirt you would have paid £75 for. However I know the zip would be wonky and I would have sworn at it 5 million times. But It would give me a sense of wellbeing knowing I achieved that. I thought this bank advert was very telling of our time.
Which in my language loosely translates as...
How do you feel your sewing hits your purse compared to RTW clothing?

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  1. For items like t-shirts, I just buy. It would take me so long to sew, and why waste the sewing time and energy on something so basic?
    I save my sewing for unique pieces I won't ever find in a store, or items I know I'll never find that will fit properly (pants). But it's definitely something one has to be realistic about. As much as I would love a wardrobe entirely sewn by me, I am a SLOW sewer and sometimes I just have to suck it up and go shopping.


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