Thursday, 31 March 2011

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on Simplicity.”- Plato

NO I haven't had an accident whereby I squeezed too many patterns together and they exploded! (Although it kinda looks like it doesn't it?)
Today has been one of those boring 'get stuff done' days. I have decided that the jobs I don't like are best done in batches. So today the tasks were, pre wash fabric (Which was a success by the way! Thankyou for everyones advice!) and to cut out pattern pieces from all the patterns I plan to use in the Easter Holidays. My back is now killing but they are organised honest!
See! I have picked out all the pattern pieces I need for each garment and pinned them together with a little label and a child like drawing of what it is so I don't forget. I also pinned the remaining pieces into a group too! See? Organised!
What I plan to do is Iron the patterns and the newly washed fabric tomorrow and get my second least favorite sewing job done. Cutting.
So here is what is on the make list... I'm not sure how but I have ended up with lots and lots of Simplicity patterns this time around, hence the title. My Lisette patterns came through today and they are fabulous! So one of them has been slipped in. I kinda wanted to do a palette moodboard thing with the fabrics but I don't have a programme to do it so anyone that can suggest one that would be great. I will try and match the tech drawings with fabric tomorrow, Ok. The skirt above is Simplicity 2343 Version B
This adorable little pattern is one that Patty from The Snug Bug has made a few times and it just looks seriously cute! I've cut the flowy sleeved D but I am torn between that and E.
Here is the crazy Jumpsuit pattern Simplicity 2374. I have to admit I haven't cut the pattern for this cardi or jumpsuit yet. But I do intend to make the cardigan soon! When my cutting hands have recovered.
Ahhhh Lisette Market pattern Simplicity 2211. Super awesome no? I am hoping to make the top.
and finally in this post of separates we have Simplicity 2936 peter pan collared top (buttonholes! EEEK!) Its so lovely though! This is view B but there is also a short tie sleeve thats really sweet!
So what do we think? Am I a bit crazy putting down a promise of 3 tops 1 skirt and 1 cardigan in the space of 3 weeks?

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  1. Steveie,
    I made the last blouse [the one,with the peter pan collar and buttons].It is super easy..Loved the pattern, and it fit really good.
    The buttons were the worse part.and that particular went ,I think you will enjoy the pattern..Happy sewing.Judy


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