Monday, 21 March 2011

Back and Feeling Sunny: Barcelona Haul

Good Afternoon lovely people.
I am back from the lovely Barcelona and I come bearing photos!
As always I had to track down a fabric shop. The lovely Zoe recommended Ribes I Casals and boy was she right!
Brighton is rubbish for fabric compared to this place! It was HUGE. I mean really vast. Full to the Brim with lovely fabrics in every colour you can imagine.
Here I am gleeful with my arms full! (Bless my lovely Mister for looking up from his DS to patiently take this photo of me running around squealing at everything.)
So what did I buy I hear you ask.
This beautiful pile came to... (Drumroll) 70 euro? 50? 30? No my friends 23 EUROS!!!!!
23!?! That would easily cost me £40 in the UK! Thats 12+ Meters of fabric!
Ok so here is the rundown of what I got.
Lightweight herringbone wool tweed (Tropical weight maybe?) In a lovely minty green
The same in a coral colour, This photo is more accurate on colour for both!
Minty green cotton probably a poplin
Pink and cocoa coloured stretchy crepe. (nothing has labels on and I was in too much of a tizz to look so I am guessing a bit) This was 1.50 for 2 Euro! The icing came in this amazing cotton.
2 Meters 30 and cost... 6 euro. It is sooo beautiful and will make an amazing summery dress. ( I know I know I said separates! But a girl can dream!)
Have a lovely spring day! I will leave you with my favorite photo from the trip, even though Im not sure what is going on with my fringe.


  1. Wahay what a great haul! It all looks fab, I love the pic of you in the fabric shop! x

  2. Ah Stevie its like your heaven!! Glad you had a good time!
    Amy x

  3. Amazing! Such a bargain!! I was just in Barcelona for the New Year! Why I didn't go fabric shopping at that time is beyond me. I look forward to seeing what you'll make!


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