Friday, 11 March 2011

Barcelona group review

Sorry no sewing happening. I have finished all my uni work until May though!!! (well presentations anyway but woo)
Barcelona is awaiting me!
I thought Id do a little review on how badly I did at my little Barcelona Wardrobe I had Planned.
Here is what I planned

"OK so to clarify I want to make for Barcelona:
My Pearl Dress (M6011)
Flowery Tweed pencil skirt with visible back zipper (no visable zipper but this is Mona)
Navy Dress with white accents (Vogue 1020 or Style 1937)
Camel coloured jacket (McCalls 5815 View A but with long sleeves.) The sleeves were short and I used blue not camel. This is the Barcelona Jacket
Before Mid March...
I hope that's do able."
Out of those 4 garments I have finished two and have the McCalls Jacket in Progress. But to be fair I did the Elie Dress in between.
So here is Pearl
Ironically Named Barcelona in Progress
But the Navy and white dress never materialised (hah) So i'm taking my Macaron as a replacement.

That was written on the 21st of Jan. So I intended to acheive that in 2 -3 months. I'm pretty happy with the two things I managed but I am dissapointed I havent had the time to do the Navy dress or finish the Jacket. Still I knew I was being Ambitious and I am quite a lot through my Yearly goal of 10 Garments. I have done 4 since the start of the year which mean I have 6 to go until my goal!

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  1. Have a fabulous trip!! I've only ever seen Barcelona from a distance, and have always dreamed of actually getting to the city. Can't wait to hear all about it.
    I ALWAYS think I'm going to sew myself a whole new wardrobe for every trip, and it never seems to work out. I think you are doing great with your sewing considering the busy uni schedule too!


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