Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I thought this photo pretty much summed up how I feel at the moment. I seem to come out of my shell a bit when the sun comes out. Colour comes back into my wardrobe with a big unsubtle bang and I bake. Dave and I made custard Buns yesterday which resulted in them becoming breakfast this morning!
I always buy flowers when I'm feeling springlike. I miss my garden at my parents, where all my tulips will be out in full bloom so I tend to buy some for a vase or jug around now. The Fabric is curtain fabric. 100% cotton. Called Lalique. I got it from Ebay when I was considering the Rebecca dress make. But I think it would make a fab macaron. I'm frightened about it not being pre shrunk though... Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? Please Lend me your knowledge!

As usual I am rubbish at self control. I wandered into a shop looking for furniture yesterday and guess what I came out with? Patterns.
Vintage ones. Nice ones, Large sizes too! I'm Useless.
My thought pattern went like this... Ohhh Tops! I need Tops! A pound?! I can do that... Thats ok right? yeah. I'll leave now and I won't look at...
OHHHH look at that... Quick and easy too? That wouldn't take too much grading and polka dots... I love polka dots...
Look at that awesome collar...
And that Scalloped one!... I must possess them all!!!!!!!
This is how my brain works in shopaholic mode. I hope you understand.


  1. I don't know who would have self-control faced with the beauties you picked up..or maybe I'm a shopaholic too!?! Yay for spring!

  2. If you iron the fabric with lots of steam, you should be fine. Since it's a cotton home dec fabric though, I would be sure to have the finished dress dry cleaned.
    You could also test launder a small cutting of the fabric. Cut two pieces exactly the same size, wash one and then compare the two - that should give you a good idea if and how much the fabric will shrink.

    Never pass up good vintage patterns!! To heck with self control ;)

  3. It really depends on how you want to clean the final garment.
    If you want to just steam iron to pre-treat the fabric but still be able to machine wash it, I would say no shrinkage at all. Otherwise, who knows where the fabric will end up shrinking. Along the seams, the hem? I don't think it's worth the risk if your going to put all the time into sewing the dress.
    Sometimes the overall texture or integrity of the fabric can change (just talking about home decorating cottons here) with washing as well. So that's something else to determine by washing a small swatch. Of course, none of that matters if you're going to dry clean ;)

  4. Hey, a pound for these vintage patterns? It would have been criminal NOT to buy them! Love the fabric.


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